I Care

I care

I care that women have suffered and still do, I care that you are hurting, I care that you are powerful, I care that we hurt before we grow, I care that you feel shame, I care that you are fiercely passionate and that you want to heal our world, I care about the animals and I care about the trees, I care that about your struggle and I care that you want to be free, I care that you are connected and I care you are not, I care that you are beautiful and I care when you are not, I care that you are expended and I care when you are blocked, I care, I care, I care.ūüíē

Begin Powerfully – Morning Routine’s Matter.

Morning Routines

I love the saying “how you do anything is how you do everything” , it appears to me to be a truth therefore how I set up my day has a big effect on how my day flows. I have found and am constantly tweaking my best morning routine. Below is what I find works best for me.

The way I figured this out was by trialling and adjusting and also listening to what other successful, on purpose people do. You can pick up a piece from different peoples routines to add to your own to make your best recipe. Robin Sharma the 5am club is a good one that I have borrowed much from.  With the intention of adding value, here is what my mornings look like.

Somewhere between 5 and 5.30 ( I wake naturally usually way before my alarm clock at 6am)

Morning coffee – organic, with a little honey made on Almond milk, I drink this either watching or waiting for the sun to rise and allow myself to come in gently. This is a precious part of my day and one I value greatly especially after all those years of busy mum mornings.

Next is 30 minutes of Personal Development – I work with our Master of Destinies Program, I have for the past 8 years, this also includes journaling, setting intentions and acknowledging any emotions that may be present, rather than suppress I allow space for them to surface and be heard.

Next is my Meditation practise – 20 minutes – I have 2 favourites – one is Joe Dispenser –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h4GiblYrPk¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

or 20 minutes using a meditation app that gongs at 5 minute intervals – (I learned this from Jesse Elder). The first 5 minutes are to settle in, connect with my breath, second 5 minutes to feel all that I appreciate in my life, really feel it and expand this, next 5 minutes is to visualise my goals and the last 5 minutes is to listen, listen to my heart and listen for the guidance. I finish by sending love to all my loved ones and anyone I know of who is challenged currently.

After my meditation practise there may be some additional journaling depending on what came up during  my meditation.

Then its up and for breakfast and a walk with head phones on listening to a podcast,  an Abraham YouTube or currently to a recording of an  Alchemy call. Another Program I have been doing for a few years.

After that it is into my office and on with my day.

I find this keeps me going with high vib for most of the morning, however if I find  my energy slumps I either go for another walk  and or watch a 10-15 minute Abraham video or a podacst.

I choose my energy and how I want my day to unfold and part of being on purpose is how I set my day up. These are tools I have learned and that I teach/coach others.

I would love to hear any other tips you may have.





North Star – Words to Navigate our Life by.

North Star

North Star – Words to navigate our lives by, our own guiding light.

I first learned about this concept over 8 years ago when I partnered with our Personal Development online business. North star is one of the early concepts I learned and have implemented into my life.

Over the years I have been in and out of alignment with my North Star and I have come to realise it is a very powerful and useful tool. It is a filter that I can run all of my decisions through. Is this in alignment with my north star is a question I ask to gain insight of right choice or not. When things are not flowing as I may hope them to, my North Star is a point I check in with to ensure I am being true to my words and if not why not.

I recall grappling with trying get my north star “right”, listening to others helped me to get clues as to what resonated with me. I also over complicated it by trying to be too “fancy” and “meaningful”. The point is – it only has to be meaningful to you.

My original impulse was – Make a Difference and then I thought, that wasn’t enough, so I expanded to – make a difference by being the change. That also served me pretty well however I do feel life is an ongoing process of inquiry and alignment and prompted by a review exercise in our online program I spent some time feeling into what is true for me now.

I found the word Рmake in Make a Difference too forceful for me and then the word Рallowing surfaced. I love the word, allowing Рit has so much space around it and feels as if it is honour the co-creation with our universe. Again sitting with the feeling and bringing into my consciousness my recent new knowledge of there is only love, a new North Star appeared.  Allowing Love to Be my Guide is my new North Star and it resonates so deeply, it just feels right.

Being clear about our North Star, our guiding mantra is a powerful tool to have at our disposal and to call on it often, it is very powerful and essential to living an authentic life.

Sharing your North Star and hearing others can be useful to discovering your own guiding light.

Do you have a North Star? What are the words you live by?

Discovering Wisdom in Our Self Doubt.

Wisdom in Our Self Doubt.

Self Doubt is one of those annoying voices in our heads that can pop up and irritate us even when we are mostly aligned to our goals and we are achieving greatly in our lives.

So why do they pop up and what purpose can they serve?

Great question – contemplating this after a recent conversation with a women who is seriously empowered and hitting some significant goals in all areas of her life, I decided there had to be an awesome opportunity for these pesky little doubts.

Heres my therory;

What if, rather than pushing these doubts away and getting annoyed with ourselves for even allowing them, we actually stopped what we were doing and invited them in, (what we resists persists). What if we treated these doubts like a small child who just wanted to be heard and acknowledged. What if they had some valuable wisdom about an unacknowledged part of ourselves which just wants to be loved?

This is not a rational process, its a feeling process. Allowing ourselves to feel more deeply and authentically allows us to expand and align more fully into who we truly are, powerful spiritual beings having a human experience.

I use this process with other emotions that I deem unwanted, fears, self criticism, anger, as well as the empowering ones. By slowing down and allowing what is present has had a very satisfying effect on my life.

The words that I experienced in my Near Death Experience were ” There is Only Love”. These words were repeated over and over again and I now experience them not just as a concept but as a truth.

There is only love and we pinch ourselves off from all that we desire with our fears and our doubts. Stopping and listening to our doubts and fears allows us to expand. So rather than seeing them as annoying, what if we saw them as opportunity, as a great sign of our expansion and celebrated them.

What is we lived from that place? That is certainly my intention.

Your Passion is Your Purpose.

Passion, what is passion? For me passion is that fire in my belly that rev’s me up and inspires me to be the best version of me, to be the change I want to see in the world. Its the connection to my purpose and my mission here on earth.¬† Its the juice that makes the journey oh so interesting.

Yesterday I wrote about compassion and passion makes up part of the compassion. Its heart connection, its connection to the bigger picture, the deeper meaning of life and why I do what I do.

In the past others where put off by my passion, my over exuberance towards a cause and maybe back then I had less mastery over wielding my energy, my power. Thank goodness I didn’t allow that to dampen my enthusiasm for life and the difference I can¬† make being and doing what I love, what I am passionate about.

My passion is my freedom, my unique way of expressing myself as a human,as a women, as a mother, as a coach and entrepreneur. Not all women have that luxury so I must live the freedom I am blessed to have.

My first passion was food, still is, I love great food cooked well, it offers so much joy and as eating is something we do every day I am grateful I have so much passion for it. My first traditional business was a restaurant and I loved being in that industry.

I am a passionate mother, though my children no longer require me to parent them I loved with all my heart raising my 3 children, what an honour and a blessing mothering was for me.

My passion now is coaching and mentoring women. I have lived enough disempowerment in my life that I have figured out a few truths that I am committed to share with and support other women so they can live freely as themselves, fully expressing their uniqueness., to live purposefully and passionately as themselves.

I get that the point in our human experience is to awaken, I also get that how we do that is through what we are passionate about, what is in our hearts, what we deeply desire is the guide, the clue to living passionately and purposefully.

When was the last time you stopped and checked in with your heart, telling your mind to be quiet and listen to that deep feeling of your truth, your passion.?

Our world needs more passionate purposeful humans, living passionately.

Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate Leadership

Have you ever heard or even had said you, ” I am going to share some tough love with you”? I recently had a coach say this to me and I got to reflecting on those words. It felt like the person using those words was giving themselves permission to be unkind, to speak with a lack of compassion and from a place of disconnection.

The very words ” tough love” are a contradiction. Love is love and compassion is the energy behind how I have mothered and how I coach and do business. Compassion gives space to honour each individuals unique journey and it allows space for beauty and magic to appear.

I was delighted to recently listen to a podcast where I heard 2 very successful entrepreneurs speaking about Compassionate Leadership and this being the way forward for all leadership roles in business and on a personal level. Now that excites me. Imagine our world where compassion is the drive behind all our decisions and actions.

There is so much evidence for me that our world is evolving, our consciousness is expanding and we are choosing love to be our guide more than we ever have. I admit we have a long way to go and we can always improve how we choose to be in our own lives. Being all we can and being the change we wish to see is a crucial step in that expansion and we each play a valuable role. I believe what I learn and grow through I do for the greater good, it has a ripple effect on our consciousness.

Slowing down, even if for a short while to listen and connect in with our truth, to quieten our minds so we can hear our hearts and soul speaking is a practise which serves me well and I do on a daily basis.  For me meditation and being in nature are not luxuries to be enjoyed when I have time, they are an important piece to my overall well being and I schedule them in to ensure they happen.

Compassionate Leadership is a choice, a choice we each make on a daily basis, its all about who we choose to be no matter what our role is. Its how we function in our careers, our families and even in our cars.

I choose compassion, how about you?


Just Be You

Just Be You

You are Glorious as you are

Your wounds and scars are a reminder of the battles you have faced,

The new paths you have carved for yourself

You are empowered beyond words

You are love personified

The dreams in Your heart are your mission, your quest

Go and get them, do not stop until you have realised them,

And then and only then, rest, listen and allow the next mission to unfold.

You are a valuable and precious piece to this human existence puzzle.

Please, Please, Please,

Be You, uniquely, awkwardly, divinely you.

The above piece, poem I suppose, I channeled during my  morning meditation.

I have been well aware that something significant was shifting in me this year. It began with a left ear issue which lasted over 3 months, I knew something was trying to get my attention and as my left ear is the ear I receive through I had a sense I was “upgrading” for want of a better way to put it.¬† this Poem appears to be a part of that upgrade.

So too is a new women circle that is birthing along with a women’s retreat planned for April 2019.

The idea – intention is that when we each honour and acknowledge, therefore heal our wounds we do for ourselves and we do it for our linage, our families, our community and our world.

I feel very supported and honoured to bringing this work forward.

Stay tuned and if you would like to learn more please leave a comment and I will add you to my email list.

Abundant Blessings,


Retire In Style –

Retire In Style

Retire In Style –

Have you ever had that tap on the shoulder telling you that life as you knew is about to dramatically change? I have and as I was in my late 40’s I knew I needed a to attract a vehicle which would allow me to get back and beyond. Fortunately the universe heard my call. That was almost 8 years ago and now I get be to be that solution for others looking to Retire in Style.

Here is a great 30 minute FB live which I found super inspiring. bit.ly/youcanretireinstyle

Disconnecting to Reconnect – 24 hour Solo.

24 hour Solo

Disconnecting To Reconnect – My 24 Hour Solo.

Thanks to my eldest son Jakob for encouraging me to do a solo, otherwise known as a vision quest. I am deeply appreciate of this beautiful opportunity.

I have previously supported base camp for several vision quests over the years and one in particular a 5 day one which my eldest son Jakob was a participant. Ever since then Jake has been a huge fan and feels quiet at home in nature with no technology other than his camera which is powered by his solar panel.

Jakob has been asking me for a while if I would do my own solo? I believe in the wisdom of my children so when he continued to ask, I paid attention and eventually after observing my responses to  his question I chose to do my solo.

The time was right, there were a few things calling for my attention which I had¬† not giving my full attention to and I was feeling more and more out of alignment, I knew I was where I was meant to be business wise and relationship wise, location etc however I wasn’t feeling as much love as I like to for all in my life and I had been experiences some blockage, all clues I was out of balance.

My solo began at 10am on saturday morning, right after I had done some training with a member of my team, which also included a lovely insight which I took into my solo.

My family knew where I was and what I was doing, I had made a pot of vegie soup which would sustain me,  I switched off and disconnected from all technology.

What a gift to have the space of time with nothing that had to be done. I was in nature  armed with my journal, a copy of The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer and I was happy. Bear footed and happy.

At first I started journaling about “things” I wanted – I redesigned parts of the interior of my home and then started to look at my relationships. In between journaling and simply sitting and observing nature, I meditated. That was pretty much the pattern of my solo. I have been a daily meditater for well over 20 years however my appreciation for this insightful practise has increased 10 fold.

A thought or feeling stirred, I journaled and then meditated. The leading words which came in my first meditation were ” remember who you are”. The more I meditated the more at peace I became, the more blesses I felt. I ate when I was hungry and remembered how to simply be.

One of the insights which surprised me was how hooked into technology I had become, how important my phone had become and how “available” I was all the time.¬† That was certainly an area for me to bring balance.

The meditations I did where so beautiful, one where I was welcomed into the Grandmother Circle, one where I was elevated to receive a long embrace from my mum, a hug from your mum earth side is yummy but one from the spirit realm is just divine.

I did notice a slight discomfort as the light was beginning to fade however I surrendered and soon felt peaceful again. I slept after watching the night sky for a while and I rose when the light of the sun appeared, no alarm clocked needed.

I came out of my solo feeling deeply connected and aligned with my life, my business, my relationships and my future.

I received a message of being the light – which has created more clarity for who I am being in my life and my business. Exactly what I was seeking and then some.

I have promised myself to do this regularly and be open to supporting others who choose to disconnect to reconnect for themselves. To gain clarity of their vision and purpose to be in balance and to experience more peace with in.

I still feel as if I am floating today and the smile on my face is reflective of the appreciation in my heart.


Expansion, Growth, Appreciation and Love.


Expansion, Growth, Appreciation and Love.

These were the words my soul whispered to me in my morning meditation, expansion, growth, appreciation and love. As I reflect on recent events in my life I see how everything that occurs is an opportunity for me to expand, to grow, to appreciate and to love. If I feel triggered or wounded by an others actions, initially I look to them and wonder why they behaved that way, however after many many years of self inquiry I quickly realise it is in fact a limited perception of myself I am facing and I am gifted with an opportunity to expand, to grow, to appreciate and to love.

What I have noticed¬† as I choose to grow and expand, the awareness’s are more subtle, well mostly anyway and it is the fine tuning my thoughts and my beliefs about myself which are having a significant affect on my life.

One of the themes(wounds) I have been working with this life time is how others treat me, how they show value and respect towards me, the contrasts I have experienced have offered me  the opportunity  to expand and grow  the level of  respect and value I have for myself.  When I open my heart to allow more honouring of myself and my journey, to value deeply my own expansions I look less to others for confirmation and I stand more firmly on the ground of my truth.

Louise Hay has been a wonderful teacher that life is a mirror to see both the beauty and the hurts. When we see this as a gift we can truly expand, grow, which then has us  appreciate and love those around us more deeply.

Abundant Blessings,