Forgiveness is An Act of Self Care


Forgiveness is An Act Of Self Care

Why do we hold on to hurts and why is it s challenging for us to let go?
I believe our minds have a lot to answer for.
Its our minds job to keep us safe so if we feel wounded by an act by someone our minds tell to remember it so we can protect ourselves.
Its a system to keep us safe and I am grateful for it however it does require some discernment on our part.

If we are holding on to a past hurt we are choosing to have that in our energy system.

Having a regular practise of scanning and becoming aware of any past hurts we are holding on to is a beautiful act of self care.
Choosing to release is through forgiveness is enhancing our well being.

I love the ho’oponopono mantra –
* I’m sorry,
* please forgive me,
* thank you,
* I love you.
Repeating this over and over in a meditation allows the energy to move and be released.

Forgiveness is not about saying what was said or done was ok, it is simply deciding to no longer allow it to affect you.
It is a worthy practise to do as an act of self care.

What past wounds and hurts could you release through some gentle forgiveness?

Creating Ritual In Our Lives Deepens Our Appreciation.

Creating Ritual In our lives deepens our appreciation.

Creating ritual in our lives deepens our appreciation for all that we are and what we have.
As we receive more of what we focus on, we open ourselves to have more to appreciate.

Each Sunday we do a ritual to Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.
We share our gratitude and set an intention for the week ahead.
We surround our statue of Ganesha with flowers which sits at the front door of our home.
Each time we pass we are reminded to offer gratitude and our connection to our intention.

Regardless of the outcomes we become more deeply rooted in gratitude and appreciation by this simply yet powerful ritual.
By ritualising our lives we become more connected to who we are being and what we are creating in our lives.

What rituals do you honour?
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Today I am my Future Self – What will your life look like 1 year from today?

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Today I am my Future Self – What will your life look like in 1 year from now?

It is a year ago today that I had a Near Death Experience which came as a result of a Heart Event.
As I look back with a heart filled with gratitude, I realise, today I am my future self.
I am fitter, I am happier, I am clearer, I am more committed to my dreams and goals and to my mission to make a difference.

I am living in a new gorgeous home with my partner, I have a lovely team of women I get to support in my career, wonderful, caring loving friends and a zest for life which has me feeling like a kid again.
All of these results came about from making a clear, authentic commitment to myself, to allow my event to be a positive turning point. That doesn’t mean it was easy, the mind can be our friend or foe so disciplining that takes practise.

So I ask you, what will your life like one year from now?

Will it be the same, just wishing for a better life or are you going to back yourself and start that business, get that gym or yoga membership, put yourself out there to love again. What ever it is for you, you deserve to live your best life. This is not a dress rehearsal and time waits for no man or women.

Who is with me? Say YES if you are ready to rock n roll and get on with it and then take that first step, the universe is waiting to support you.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you are saying YES to.

It’s Not About The Money – Really!

I remember when I first heard a mentor of mine say “it’s not about the money”.

I thought to myself ” yeh right, you can’t see my bank balance”.

As I have continued to work on myself through reading books and our online Personal Development programs I have come to realise the truth of this statement.

It really isn’t about the money, we have to dig a little deeper to see what is the limitation or the past experience we are holding on to that is the real cause and yet we find it so easy to blame the money.
It is not about something outside of ourselves, it’s always about us, who we are being, what we are saying to ourselves ( the stories we are telling ourselves) which is a good thing because we can then choose to do something about that.

When I feel frustrated about my results or the financial flow in my life I sit down with pen and paper beside me and I go into meditation and ask myself to feel into the feeling of frustration or lack. I allow it to amplify so I can dig a little deeper. With practise this becomes a simple and effective technique.

In my experience I don’t have to dig to much below the surface of blaming money to discover a self worth issue or a lack of confidence, lack of belief in myself or some other limiting story from a past version of myself that I am continuing to buy into. Once recognised I can choose to acknowledge and forgive that part of myself and move forward again.

We are a continual work in progress and the point is to expand and become more of who we truly are.
If this resonates with you and I could be of service to you please reach out to me by leaving a comment and I will get back in touch
Abundant Blessings, Kym ❤

Meditation is a Pathway to Peace

24 hour Solo

Meditation is a Pathway to Peace

Have you noticed that voice inside your head?
The one that is pretty much constantly giving you advise and setting off alarm bells warning you against this or that?
That voice may even have a familiar tone, like that of your mother or father or in my case my big sister.

Becoming aware of that voice is a big key to creating peace and pretty much anything else you want in life.

When I grew up, my sister and I spent a lot of time taking care of ourselves and as my sister is 17 months older than I , she was given the extra ( and unfair) responsibility to make sure I was ok too.
A real challenge given that I was a bit of a wild child, who loved to break the rules.

From an early age I had heard her voice telling me NO, don’t do that and being on the receiving end that disapproving look she got on her face and the annoyed with me energy she seem to have towards me constantly, fair enough I deserved it.

What I didn’t realise until well into my adult years was that the bossy, disapproving voice in my head which often made me feel wrong or that I was screwing up was that of my sister.
Wow – that was a revelation discovering that.

Meditation has been a pathway for me, first of all to even notice the voice in my head and then to have enough distance between me and that voice to realise it tells a lot of BS. It is dramatic, it often says stuff that scares the heck out of me and can really distract me from my mission.

The more I meditate, the stronger my witness becomes and the more choice I have over the direction of that voice.

I have come to know that the conversation going on in my head has a lot to do with my success or self sabotage, my feeling good or feeling scared and doubting myself which of course lowers my vibration and has me out of alignment with who I want to be.

Meditation is a gift I give to myself every day -It is a pathway to my peace.

If you are new to meditation I would suggest a guided meditation – here is one I have recorded – Loving Kindness Guided Meditation

There are many great meditations – find one you love and set yourself a challenge to do it daily for 30 days and see how you feel at the end of that.

I would love to hear what you discover.

Women Of Worth – Own Your Power.

Women of Worth – Own Your Power.

Are you owning your power?

Are you being the women you were sent here to be?

The Dalai lama has been a spiritual guide for me since my 30’s, in fact it was reading his book “Freedom In Exile” that changed my course and sent me on my spiritual journey. So it is no surprise that I paid attention when I heard him quoted saying ” western women will heal our world”.

I interpret the Dalai Lama’s quote to mean that it is the feminine way of working that is the way forward.
It is through collaboration and inclusion, allowance as apposed to competitive push methods.
It is through work/life balance, through sharing and uniting that our world will heal. And you my lovelies have a role to play.

So my question to you is are you being the women you were sent here to be?

If you are being a mumma then do that with all you have and honour it for the scared role that it is. When I was raising my 3 beautiful gifts I thought I had to be super mum, I didn’t value my role as mother being enough which had me over achieving and running myself into the ground. I now know better.

If you are a messenger, a light worker, a coach, a healer, are you being that?
And If not, why not?

Its time to spread your beautiful wings and together we can heal our world.

Let me ask you this, if there were no limitations – no fear, no lack of funds or know how, what would you be offering our world?

Let me know your answer in the comments so I can be of greater service to you.

Lets do this ladies.
Abundant Blessings,

Have You Ever Felt Betrayed?

Have you ever felt betrayed? Silly question right, of course you have, we all have and it creates a deep wound which can take years to release and heal.

Today my intention is to share a point of view that may offer some release and healing.

So what actually is betrayal?
My view is that we feel betrayed when someone doesn’t behave in a way that we were led to believe they would. This can be either because of what they said or because of our interpretation of what they said.
To put it simply, they didn’t honour their word.

Once I looked at betrayal from this perspective I then had to ask myself the next question which is ” who have I betrayed” ” where haven’t I honoured my word”. Ohhhh, I don’t know about you but I know I have unintentionally betrayed others. I think we probably all have. So before we start beating up on ourselves lets instead realise that we are all humans doing the best we can with the information that we had at the time. Lets embrace the lesson, apologise where appropriate and choose to be a better more expanded version of ourselves from here on.

We have a choice, a choice to forgive and stop energising our pain by holding on to the betrayal picture and choose to release the betrayal from our selves and to regather those wounded parts that are holding us out from being all that we can be. At the end of the day the only person we change and heal is ourselves and as we have the power within us to do that, lets do it.

For further reading I highly recommend The Untethered Soul By Michael A Singer. Michael describes these wounds as Sumskaras.

I have recorded a guided meditation on healing our wounds, our sumskaras on my YouTube channel.
Samskara Meditation

Connecting With Your Spiritual Team

Connecting With Your Spiritual Team.

Are you aware we all have a spiritual team who support us through our lives?
If this is a new concept for you then feel into the truth of it for you.

As we raise our collective consciously we are opening up more and more to a higher vibration and realm of more possibilities. We do this as individuals, in our daily practises and collectively in organised groups whose mission is to heal our world.

As we expand vibrationally it is useful to know that we have a spiritual team at our disposal to assist us in all aspects of our lives. They are there supporting us whether we acknowledge them or not.

If you are curious to know more about your spiritual team I have recorded a guided mediation that you may find helpful. Our spirit team can me made of past loved ones, goddess’s, wizards, wise women and men and any other entity that you feel a connection to. The possibilities are limitless.

As the pace of our lives speeds up it is so important for us to slow down and connect in to the guidance that is available to all of us. Whether it be for our own healing, improving our health and well being or seeking guidance on our career and sharing our messages with our audience our team is ready and waiting to assist and guided you on your unique path.

If you already know your team, are you connecting with them regularly?

For Connecting with Your Spirit Team
Connecting With Your Guides Meditation

Be Your Priority – Putting Yourself First.

Be Your Priority.

As women and particularly as mature women why do we cringe at the idea of putting ourselves first?
The answer is because of our conditioning. For years our worth and validation came from being an awesome servant to everyone else’s needs.

Through my connection with women, I am noticing more and more we are really challenged by unravelling this old paradigm and giving ourselves permission to prioritise our lives.

As we commit to stepping out and sharing our wisdom and gifts with our world we have to take a stand with our children, our partners and heck anyone who is not validating that we matter.
This is challenging I know as I have prided myself on how much I did for everyone else.
Don’t get me wrong I loved doing it and even though I was exhausted I don’t regret any of it. However it is time for things to change. As the Dalai Lama said ” It is western women who will heal our world”. Ladies, we have a mission.

It takes time to break free from these old habits so be gentle with yourself. But break them we must if we are to fore fill our mission.

Here are some suggestions that may help you to prioritise you.

* I find being disciplined with my scheduling is a real asset in making me and my work a priority.
I make time either on a Friday before I finish up my work week or Sunday morning to plan my diary. I use both google calendar and a paper diary and yes they are colour coded.
Work and my time (yoga and walking) go in and then other tasks get scheduled around that.

* Having a strong morning practise of working on my mindset, journaling and mediation also help me to stay on track and be connected to the guidance that is available to all of us.

* Continuing to commit and recommit to my vision and mission helps to strengthen my resolve and not bend so quickly to what others want of me.
Saying things like ” yes I can assist you however it will need to be at this time” making sure you aren’t comprising you and your work.

Stay strong, together we can shift this old paradigm.