You Say You Want Success – But Are You Collapsing The Field?

Its all about alignment

In our 17 day Transformational Digital Program there is a topic covered called collapsing the Field.
Its a powerful concept and when understood we get to know how we so often get in our own way by letting our mind take over which can cause lack of action. It can stop us taking the steps we require to create the success we desire and say we want.

Let me put that in real terms – lets say I want to build a successful Healing or Coaching Business – my desire is to share my gifts and support others and create financial abundance.
Its fair to say that if I have not created that yet then I am not a vibrational match to that desire, yet. That means I will be required to shift my energy by changing my actions, my sequence of actions, my thinking, my commitment and my willingness to learn new ways which of course is going to be uncomfortable.

Now unless we are super determined and committed to our success we will collapse the field – block the divine guidance we are receiving by being more invested in where we are than where we want to be. WE may even blame others or something outside of ourselves as to why we haven’t progressed.

Sound familiar? I know I can totally relate to this – so what do we do to shift the energy and be open to new ways.

Firstly, we have to decide to succeed. Seriously so many miss this step.

We must have a clear goal or intention – not just I want to help others but I want to help 20 people to improve their financial abundance by offering my online program – this year. ( What, how and when).
Then we get to work on ourselves – commit to expand our own knowledge, thinking , mindset and ultimately vibration and keep committing to it – until.

There is a 80/20 rule that exists and seems to be true – 20% of the people will do what it takes to create the 80% of the wealth, health or what ever area you choose.

We get to decide, am I more invested in being right and staying where I am or am I truly willing to do what it takes to get the job done?

We have all been shaken up this year and as it comes to close to the year end, ask yourself – are you a better version of yourself than at the beginning of the year or not?

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As always, Abundant Blessings,
Kym ❤

Declutter Your Life to Allow More Flow

Declutter Your Life To Allow More Flow
This was a powerful topic of one of our internal training calls for my Online Business this week and I have been really delving deep.

Now we all know, well I am assuming we all know that to live in a tidy environment and work in an organised space is a much healthier, happier energy for us. So I did a quick check of my office, moved a few things and put away a few more etc however what I have been focusing on is my mind, my emotions and where I have been hanging on to old sh%$.

So lets take money and business as a example, but you can apply this to any area that you would like to energise.
I have been running my current business’s for 10 years and I realised that some of my practises like money accounting and marketing have still been stuck in the initial set up, more survival stage. I hadn’t been taking the time to look at the bigger picture and look at were these practises really serving a maturing business.
I have to say it was a bit of slap in the face moment, and before any of you awesome well business trained people gasp in horror, let me remind you, like most small business owners I am self trained.

Of course looking at all of this is also quite triggering emotionally. Through this decluttering process I have let go of past mistakes and wounds and shames because they were holding my energy at a slower vibration. Lets face it we, well I at least hold on to this stuff much longer than is necessary or useful. Why? either because I wasn’t ready to confront them or I was hanging on in fear that if I didn’t I would repeat history.

My waste basket has been abundant with wet tissues that have mopped up the flow of tears as I realised and released so much crap.
My journal has had a pretty good work out also.

We all have stories and those are part of what shapes us, however we don’t have to continue to carry the heaviness of them around.
Forgive your past, release it and declutter your energy to allow a beautiful flow of new invigorating joy and pleasure at who you are and who you are choosing to be.

I wonder what you will choose to declutter from your life!

As always , I welcome your connection and your comments.

Abundant Blessings,
Kym ❣♥

Life Happens For Me, Not To Me

Byron Katie

When we resonate and accept the above words as truth our lives take on a whole new perspective.

Earlier this week doing one of my biweekly Facebook Lives Cups Of Tea with Kym Light Workers Hub
584/ I introduced the idea that we choose our parents.

This idea brought up quite a bit of discussion and I got the sense there was some emotional triggering happening. I totally understand as I had a rather prickly relationship with my mum. I loved ( love) my mum dearly however her pain often triggered my pain and that created a challenging dance.

Many years ago, I attended a weekend workshop and part of the process’s presented was to share with the group our mothers story. We got to stand up and speak as if we were our mothers and telling their story as if we were them. Oh Boy, this changed my life, my compassion instantly grew for mum and the path she had walked.
This year it will be 10 years since my mum left her body and my perspective and understanding of why I chose her has deepened.
I see that through my choosing her I got to experience fierce independence at an early age, I learned to break some rules and to walk my own path. I also learned generosity and kindness are beautiful qualities that have served me well. The depth of my love and respect for my mum continues to expand.

Perhaps if this is a challenging thought for you, with either of your parents, perhaps try the exercise of telling their life story as if you were them.
I also have a cups of Tea with Mum exercise which is very powerful. Ill share more of this in my up coming program and also on my Podcast.

When we choose to see that we live in a friendly universe which is constantly supporting our soul on its journey life takes on some beautiful and sometimes magical qualities.

Feel free to message me if you have further questions or with to share your insights.

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Honouring All Parts of Oursleves

Meditation, guidance, life coach
Honouring all aspects of ourselves

We spend a lot of time and energy denying and making wrong, aspects of ourselves which we deem not good enough or worse that they shouldn’t exist.

What if we stopped fighting with those parts and instead acknowledged & embraced them.

For me, one part of I have fought for many years is my body. Somewhere in my early years I made a decision based on the evidence around me, namely my older sister that a round body was a wrong body.

To take a line from one of my favourite movie’s, Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth says, whilst eating pizza in Naples “I have no interest in being obese, but I am sick of constantly worrying about what food I just ate”.

I agree, I love food, I am a real foodie and whilst my goal is to be healthy and vibrant I am over feeling guilty for enjoying great food.

So during a recent mediation I decided to stop making my round body wrong, to stop the fight and to instead embrace and honour this beautiful vehicle which carried my babies and houses my soul.

What parts of you are making wrong and what would it be like to stop the war and embrace and honour all aspects of yourself, even the parts you aren’t proud off.

We all desire to be acknowledged and so too do the different aspects of us.

So next time you catch yourself resisting some part of yourself, stop, breath and acknowledge her, sit with her and listen to what she has t say. Notice how you feel. Make it a practise to honour and acknowledge all parts of you.

We will cover tools and practises to do this during my Share Your Unique Message program.

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Sending Some Extra Loving Kindness

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Have We Dropped The Ball?

I was reflecting when all this craziness began at the start of the year.
Here in Australia we had fires and then the world experienced lock down.
People were doing all sorts of extra loving kindness acts to support each other.

Whilst I am sure there is still lots of that happening I wonder have we dropped the ball and gotten use to this way of life?

Today in an effort to up my own game I am doing extra loving kindness meditation and be more mindful to ensure I am offering support where I can.
Here is my version of the loving kindness meditation

I continue to cook extra meals for my dad and some older women that I know. I am sure you are doing beautiful offerings too. Thank you for what you send out in to our world, it truly makes a difference.

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Abundant Blessings,

What is Your Deep Desire?

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After having a connection with my Coach/Mentor this week we talked about going deeper and serving from that place.

I shared that I have long felt that my work is to do the work on me.
Meaning – to journal, to understand and know myself authentically at deeper and deeper levels, through meditation, mindset, getting out of my comfort zone and learning from leaders who I respect and of course having my own coach & mentors. We function better with great support.

I have been sitting with what I deeply desire, asking myself what do I truly want.
My answer continues to be, I want to serve.
I want to serve women, like you – to believe in themselves again and to now you have what it takes to share your unique gifts with our world.

Our world needs your unique message, your audience is literally waiting for you.

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I feel truly humbled & Blessed to sit with such real and beautiful women.

Abundant Blessings,

Deep Listening is a Worthy Skill to Embrace.

At the very beginning of my coaching journey I spent several years as a co facilitator of women’s workshops. These were deeply connected and spiritual in nature, my role was of support. To be the best support person I could be, I learned to be very present, to pay attention to the how the women were responding and to listen deeply. When you don’t talk, we get to listen.

I consider these 7 years as a wonderful apprenticeship that continue to serve me well on my journey as a coach and healer.

With all the stimulation that exists in our world today, we are easily detracted. Because of these distractions we are reluctant to be still and listen and if only we realised how potent this simple act is, we would stop resisting and make it a priority in our day.

Have you ever noticed that when you are talking to someone, 2 sentences in, the other person has stopped listening and is already preparing what they are going to say. You can feel it and it doesn’t feel great.

When we practise listening deeply we not only honour the person who is sharing, we start to listen to ourselves, to our language, and to our souls whispers.

We have so much wisdom within us, if only we took the time to listen.

Do you feel like you are honouring your soul’s journey, do you even know what that is?

I love supporting your individual soul’s journey and to help you to live in your light.

If you are ready to take the next and honour your journey, I am listening.

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Connecting With Our Inner Child to Heal –

I have been a student of Personal Development for over 20 years, some of you know my story of reading the Dalai Lama’s book and it literally changed my life.

Personal Development encourages us to be positive, to look for what we are grateful for and to learn the lesson available and I agree these are wonderful and empowering skills and ways of being worthy of strengthening.

However, there is another piece to the puzzle – part of the commitment to expand consciousness, which is what most people who want to make a difference are motivated by,( may use different language) we must heal the wounds and not just stick a bandaid on them.

To heal our wounds they must be brought from the darkness, hidden, suppressed, compartmentalised to the light, to be acknowledged and transformed, healed.

I am not saying to go digging, I agree with the term ” if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I am talking about if something is holding us out from living a happy, fulfilled life then maybe there is something that requires healing.

There are many ways to heal and I am happy to share more of these in future emails.

Today I want to focus on a gentle and kind method of connecting with our inner child.

Over the weekend we watched a great Disney movie – Christopher Robbin – Euan McGregor plays a brilliant role and the story speaks exactly to this topic. I wont spoil it, Ill let you check it out for yourself.

I was reminded of the importance of connecting with our inner child, that free, fun loving, free spirited little being that was full of wisdom and wonder.

Some activities that I love to do to connect with my little Kym are taking myself on a picnic and maybe buying myself a cup cake or a sweet treat, taking a walk in nature looking for fairies, colouring in, playing on the playground equipment in the park. Watching Disney movies.

I pay attention to how I feel, often memories will bubble up and sometimes wounds can surface, this is when we get to acknowledge and reassure our younger self that we have our back and we are safe, cared for and acknowledge by our adult self.

This is a powerful and empowering way to heal those aspects of ourselves that maybe yearning for attention.

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Abundant Blessings,

The Potency of The Winter Solstice – Did you delve into the dark?

It really is no surprise that going into the dark this winter solstice was a little scary and intense – however I am so glad that I did.

Having a dark of the moon right on the energies of the solstice intensified the energies all the more – I am also born on the dark of the moon which adds extra potency, it really brings out the witch in me.

I use to love the winter solstice ritual that my children did at their Steiner school.
All the children would sit quietly in a darkened room with just 1 mother candle burning in the centre – much like the above photo, one by one they would walk the spiral, slowing and reverently to light their candle off the centre candle, then walk back, carrying their light to place it on the spiral to join in bringing a greater light for all.

It was a beautiful ceremony that really gave the children the experience of the blessings of winter and the potency and potential
of our internal light.

This solstice I did my own spiral in a metaphorical way – as I walked slowly in the dark towards my inner flame – I surrendered my fear of being controlled by the masculine. I lit my candle and carried back out of the spiral the knowing that the light would join me in expanding any darkness ie limitation around where I was allowing myself to be controlled by the masculine or in fact anything external.

The next few days where emotionally tumultuous – it came in the form of a business challenge and a family challenge – in particular with my estranged sister.

It felt overwhelming, painful and there were points it felt “too hard”.

I chose to keep reflecting, journaling and meditating. I went to my favourite river walk and hugged a few trees. I prayed to my guide, Kuan Yin for strength and guidance. I also began listening to Marianne Williamson’s Book “A Women’s Worth” – I must read for all.

During one of my meditations I was shown an image of situation my sister and I were in as little girls and from that image I knew what action I needed to take. It wasn’t an easy step to take but I took the action anyway. What my sister chooses now is up to her and I continue to send love and light regardless.

I have come out of this energy with a renewed fire in my belly to be the empowered woman I am committed to be.

I have a deepened resolve to honour my mission and less tolerance for disempowered models that no longer serve.

When we have the courage to face the dark the light joins us.

I would love to hear how you have travelled this past few days, my beautiful goddess women.

Abundant Blessings,
Kym .❤

Vision Boards – A Powerful Tool for Creating The Life of Your Dreams.

Vision Boards – A Powerful Tool for Creating The Life of Your Dreams.

I can’t believe I have not written a post about vision boards before now. Oh dear that is my bad.

I have been using and teaching about the power of vision boards ever since I learned about them from the movie the Secret back in 2006.

If you haven’t watched The Secret Movie I highly recommend it and if you haven’t watched it for a while could be a good time to re-watch.
John Assaraf shares his love of vision boards and the power of them.

Pretty much everything I have ever really wanted to bring about in my life I have had it on my vision board – I use to do them as an activity with my 3 children to remind them of how powerful they are and that they truly can create the life of their dreams. It has been a very successful tool for me and continues to be.

If you are new to Vision Boards or haven’t made one for a while here is what I suggest you do.

Take some time to get clear about what you want to create in your life, it could be a board for a specific area of your life such as health and wellness, or career or a broader whole of life board including wellness, career, love, home, car, jewellery etc.
Take some time to write down your dreams.

If you are having some trouble getting clear, here is a guided visualisation that might help.

Once you have some ideas, find some pictures and words that represent those dreams and desires either by printing them off from the internet or from magazines and taking a large piece of cardboard – arrange your pictures and words in a way that you like. I currently use a pinboard which I love.

You can also use Pinterest to create a secret board for yourself. Just remember to view it often.

Place your board somewhere you will see it often – in your office or bedroom – on the fridge – be mindful if you have others in your household who may not be supportive of your dreams then keep inside your wardrobe door or somewhere that is private for you.

You want to spend some time often looking at the pictures and feeling into how you feel living that version of your life. Daydreaming is a powerful way to bring your visions into being and its fun, we use to spend hours doing it as kids.

Have some fun and be sure to put a big ✔ when you have achieved your goal/dream.

I would love to hear of your success’s or maybe you have some tips that others could benefit from, please share.

Happy creating,

Abundant Blessings,
Kym ❤