The Potency of The Winter Solstice – Did you delve into the dark?

It really is no surprise that going into the dark this winter solstice was a little scary and intense – however I am so glad that I did.

Having a dark of the moon right on the energies of the solstice intensified the energies all the more – I am also born on the dark of the moon which adds extra potency, it really brings out the witch in me.

I use to love the winter solstice ritual that my children did at their Steiner school.
All the children would sit quietly in a darkened room with just 1 mother candle burning in the centre – much like the above photo, one by one they would walk the spiral, slowing and reverently to light their candle off the centre candle, then walk back, carrying their light to place it on the spiral to join in bringing a greater light for all.

It was a beautiful ceremony that really gave the children the experience of the blessings of winter and the potency and potential
of our internal light.

This solstice I did my own spiral in a metaphorical way – as I walked slowly in the dark towards my inner flame – I surrendered my fear of being controlled by the masculine. I lit my candle and carried back out of the spiral the knowing that the light would join me in expanding any darkness ie limitation around where I was allowing myself to be controlled by the masculine or in fact anything external.

The next few days where emotionally tumultuous – it came in the form of a business challenge and a family challenge – in particular with my estranged sister.

It felt overwhelming, painful and there were points it felt “too hard”.

I chose to keep reflecting, journaling and meditating. I went to my favourite river walk and hugged a few trees. I prayed to my guide, Kuan Yin for strength and guidance. I also began listening to Marianne Williamson’s Book “A Women’s Worth” – I must read for all.

During one of my meditations I was shown an image of situation my sister and I were in as little girls and from that image I knew what action I needed to take. It wasn’t an easy step to take but I took the action anyway. What my sister chooses now is up to her and I continue to send love and light regardless.

I have come out of this energy with a renewed fire in my belly to be the empowered woman I am committed to be.

I have a deepened resolve to honour my mission and less tolerance for disempowered models that no longer serve.

When we have the courage to face the dark the light joins us.

I would love to hear how you have travelled this past few days, my beautiful goddess women.

Abundant Blessings,
Kym .❤

Vision Boards – A Powerful Tool for Creating The Life of Your Dreams.

Vision Boards – A Powerful Tool for Creating The Life of Your Dreams.

I can’t believe I have not written a post about vision boards before now. Oh dear that is my bad.

I have been using and teaching about the power of vision boards ever since I learned about them from the movie the Secret back in 2006.

If you haven’t watched The Secret Movie I highly recommend it and if you haven’t watched it for a while could be a good time to re-watch.
John Assaraf shares his love of vision boards and the power of them.

Pretty much everything I have ever really wanted to bring about in my life I have had it on my vision board – I use to do them as an activity with my 3 children to remind them of how powerful they are and that they truly can create the life of their dreams. It has been a very successful tool for me and continues to be.

If you are new to Vision Boards or haven’t made one for a while here is what I suggest you do.

Take some time to get clear about what you want to create in your life, it could be a board for a specific area of your life such as health and wellness, or career or a broader whole of life board including wellness, career, love, home, car, jewellery etc.
Take some time to write down your dreams.

If you are having some trouble getting clear, here is a guided visualisation that might help.

Once you have some ideas, find some pictures and words that represent those dreams and desires either by printing them off from the internet or from magazines and taking a large piece of cardboard – arrange your pictures and words in a way that you like. I currently use a pinboard which I love.

You can also use Pinterest to create a secret board for yourself. Just remember to view it often.

Place your board somewhere you will see it often – in your office or bedroom – on the fridge – be mindful if you have others in your household who may not be supportive of your dreams then keep inside your wardrobe door or somewhere that is private for you.

You want to spend some time often looking at the pictures and feeling into how you feel living that version of your life. Daydreaming is a powerful way to bring your visions into being and its fun, we use to spend hours doing it as kids.

Have some fun and be sure to put a big ✔ when you have achieved your goal/dream.

I would love to hear of your success’s or maybe you have some tips that others could benefit from, please share.

Happy creating,

Abundant Blessings,
Kym ❤

Calling all Light Workers – Its time to Share Your Message.

Light Workers – We are Being Called

Light Workers – We Are Being Called.

Unless you have been hibernating in a cave somewhere, we all know our world has changed. Through the chaos of fires, floods and virus’s we have been called inward, literally and for the aware, spiritually too.

The Mayan’s predicted that 2012 would be the end of the world, and since then the energies certainly have shifted however, the bigger shift has come this year, in 2020.

Many of us could feel a big year coming and for those of us, light workers, you may have experienced a wake up.
A feeling that you simply can’t ignore and actually don’t want to. A call to your purpose, a call to be who you were born to be.

Hallelujah – I heard it too and yes I have made some big adjustments – I am stepping out of what has been familiar to me and following the guidance to serve a greater cause.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge each and everyone of you are who are putting your hand up and saying yes to the call – even if it is a little shakerly.
I hear you, I see you and I am here to support you.

So lets address the question that many ask – so what is a light worker and how do I know if I am one.

I light worker is a person who has chosen to come to earth to transform dark ( adversity, Fear, Limitation) into light for the betterment of all. Light working is a way of being – it is a mission that you just know you are here to honour.

Usually light workers will choose careers like coaches, therapists, nursers, yoga teachers, school teachers, Oracle card readers, midwives, mothers, artists, musicians anyone who is offering their gifts for a greater purpose than themselves. Light workers can be empaths, powerful manifestors, they can feel like they don’t fit in.

If you are questioning if you are a light worker, the answer is probably yes.
I believe we are headed towards a new way of being and eventually all will realise they are light beings – however for now we require the awake to support the waking. That’s why we are being called.

So now that you know that – what do you do?

Firstly you set about healing yourself – doing the practises that you are drawn to – meditation, journaling, energy work, nourishing your body and mind with healthy uplifting energies. Getting the support that your require to heal yourself.

Spend plenty of time in nature and start to pay conscious attention to the guidance you are receiving and find a tribe to hang out with who will support you to explore and expand more fully into who you truly are, a beautiful light worker here to do their bit to heal and expand our world.

I am offering My Share Your Unique Message is July – A 6 Week Live Virtual Course to discover, enhance and share your light with the world.

I also have a private Facebook Group where I offer guidance and support – with mini readings and much more.

I am deeply committed to my purpose to assist light worker women to be who they were born to be.

Reach out if I can assist you,

Abundant Blessings,

What if You Really Backed Yourself?

What if You Really Backed Yourself?

As women our automatic response is to put everyone else first and we are great at it.
We have watched and learned from our mothers, and grandmothers and they learned it from their grandmothers. At some point in time this served our communities well. Not anymore, our world needs us.

What if we really backed ourselves – what if we placed as high a priority on our dreams, our desires our purpose, our calling as we did on those around us?

So often we place more importance on what our children, parents, partners or siblings require, (believe me I speak from experience), that there is no energy or time left for our hearts calling.
So we have never really backed ourselves, we have had half hearted attempts and not seen the results so we have put it on the back burner again for another time.

If this pandemic has taught us something surely it is how precious life is and how changing a world we live in is. This chaos has a purpose to stir us into action to honour our calling our purpose and our mission.

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama said, “it is western women who will save our world”.

What are you doing to honour this cause?
Are you continuing to allow others needs and wants to be more important than yours?

I say ladies let’s take off those metaphorical aprons and come together and support each other to get on with our greater mission to save our world.
To shift the balance from the masculine, do, do, do, competitive model to the all-inclusive, leave no one behind feminine way.

We are so used to pushing our desires to the side and saying I’ll do it when I can and I’ll do it myself.

Well no more – its time to step out and into your own spotlight and shine those amazing gifts and talents that have been brewing below the surface for all these years.

Get a coach, get a buddy, and get clear on what is in your heart and then start taking the steps towards it.

If you have allowed your mind to cloud your vision use this Perfect Day meditation to gain some clarity.

Get out your journal and allow yourself to feel into what is in your heart even if you are scared or if you don’t know how.

Have the conversation with your significant other and come up with a plan to give yourself the space to follow your heart and honour your calling.

If not now, when?

My mission is to support women to step into their light.
Book a conversation with me today. No more playing small so that others

Introduction Video

I decide, after being inspired by one of my mentors, that I was going to come out of this lock down, a better version of me.

At the start of our stay at home, the only real difference was that we weren’t eating out at restaurants, something we did a few times a week.
I began to notice that I was using alcohol, chocolate and eating out as a form of escaping, there was something I wasn’t honouring, a truth that I was putting off facing.
So as a way of connecting with this part of myself I chose to stop the chocolate and alcohol as well.

What has replaced the escaping is the opportunity to confront those aspects of my way of being that weren’t in alignment.
It doesn’t matter how much work we have done on ourselves, It’s scary to let go of what is familiar.

What I got in touch with is that I haven’t really backed myself to live my passion. I have a love and connection to coach women to live their passions and whist I have done some of this, I haven’t fully embraced my full potential and really gone for it.

I did not want to get to the end of my life not having honoured my mission whole heartedly.

So, my life has taken 180 degrees turn.

I have a partner who has my back, I have engaged 2 beautiful coaches, (support is important to keep meeting and going beyond the edges) and I am giving myself a year to see what I can create, I’ll then review.

I believe this has been a wake up call for all of us to get onto our aligned path more authentically and fully.

At 58 I have plenty of time to be the women I have dreamt of being and to serve and hold space for other women to live their mission.
If not now, when?

What I am offering;

❤ Cups of Tea with Kym Women Circle – held fortnightly on Zoom
❤ One on One Coaching – packages available
❤ Cups of Tea with Kym Oracle Card Readings
❤ Cups Of Tea With Kym Podcast – Launching 30.6.20

If you are ready to step into the fullness of your mission you can set up a call with me by clicking here.

What Are You Grateful For ?

What are you Grateful For?

I know its not a new question, however it is a poignant one right now.

In all the chaos the way to stay calm and grounded is to focus inward and focusing on what we are grateful for. Gratitude can  lead us to come back to ourselves, to calm our selves and listen to all that is wonderful in our lives.

Things are changing, and that is not always comfortable, however the more we resist the more we suffer. When we can acknowledge our emotions, not make ourselves wrong and step back into our power we know who we want to be and how we want to respond. Honour that, trust that.

Gratitude is a pathway that we can access in any moment in any situation.

I have chosen to up my own gratitude practise as a way of balancing my own life. Feeling incredibly blessed to have an online business doing what I love has become more deeply appreciated. I feel for those who are in chaos and feel out of control and faced with needing to find a new pathway in their careers.

The flip side is that now may be the best opportunity to choose a new way, a new career path a new way of generating income. There are so many new opportunities to be well rewarded for doing what we love, we just have to be open to new ways of thinking around generating income, think abundantly and allow yourself to imagine the best case scenarios.

Here are a few tips that may help you navigate a way forward.

❤ if there were no limitations – what would you love to do –

❤ is there a hobby or passion that can be transformed into a career path

❤ what have people always come to you for?

❤ what is your greatest talent, skill, gift?

Allow yourself to dream and dream big – by putting pictures out into the universe of what you love and are grateful for you may well be delightfully surprised by the universe offering a new connection.

If you would like to book a session with me to help you connect the pieces I would love to assist you.

Stay well, abundant blessings, Kym

Lets Talk About Self Esteem – Shall We ?

Self Esteem – What actually is it and How abundant is your’s?

According to the Oxford dictionary self esteem is – confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.

Which picture do you resonate with right now?

Self esteem is a flowing , moving energy that has us feel like the first picture one day and then for some known or unknown reason we feel more like the shattered image of ourselves at other times.

Self esteem has been an interesting journey for me and I have come to the place that maybe the stronger our foundations were during childhood the stronger our overall self esteem is. It makes sense that when you have strong foundations you spend less time as an adult going back to sure up the wobbly bits.

I want to be clear here, having a wobbly self esteem  doesn’t give us permission to blame our parents. It could be an interaction with a teacher or a neighbour that was the thing that triggered us into feeling less than or dis empowered in some way.

The thing is we all have stuff, and we all have tricky days, however some of us seem to experience a few more self esteem challenges than others and that’s ok.  For me as a cute, round little person I was ridiculed about my shape right throughout my younger years which led to a mild eating disorder in my teens.

The larger of my challenges came as a boundary abuse by a neighbour that seems to come back time and time again for me to work through.

It doesn’t matter what the core reason for the trigger of  drop in self belief or confidence its what we do on the days that this shows itself. 

Compassion, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness and regular conversations with the younger version of ourselves through meditation is the way of healing that I find works best for me.

Sitting with the energies that come up and being courageous to allow it to reveal the emotion and the story through jounaling or with someone you trust is bringing it into the light and from there we get to choose how we are going to honour it. The most empowering piece is that we listen deeply to that shattered/ hurt part of ourselves so that we can sooth and heal. Once acknowledged it can shift and release being transformed and remember that we heal in our-self we heal for all.

The next time you are feeling less than, what would it be like if you took some time to deeply listen to the younger version of you?

Abundant Blessings, Kym 🙏🏼❤


Be Mindful Of The Energy You Bring – Its an Act Of Self Care

Be Mindful of the energy you bring – it our responsibility.

This morning I was woken early – before the sun was up – I have come to know these early morning wakes are the spirit world connecting with me, to bring a message to share with you, the receiver.

The message was clear – Be Responsible for the energy you bring. The message is as much for me to be mindful of as for you.

Of course we all know the experience of  that person  that comes into a room and the energy instantly changes. It could be that suddenly the room is filled with love and calm or perhaps its that person that seems to be completely unaware of their surroundings and how their over stimulated energy has just shattered the peacefulness of the room.

However this message is more directed to each of us as a means of self care.

As an introvert and empath I recharge by being alone, by settling down my nervous system and coming back to myself and clearing my energies. ( Body Scan Meditation is my preferred method)

As we work as healers, counsellors, coaches, Light workers our own self care is vital to our well being.

I am learning to be more clear in my communication as to my needs – my need to have alone time of silence and quiet is not a rejection of anyone it is an act of self love.

Spending time in nature and in particular our Australian bush is a sacred honouring of my energies and as we know, we can not serve well when we are not energised and nourished ourselves.

The message received today feels as if this is being unlined for each of us so that we place a higher value of our own self care.

Please spend sometime to take ownership of your energies, noticing, without judgement if they are down and then asking ourselves what is required to nurture and nourish ourselves so that we are serving at our best again?

If, like me you still feel a pang of self indulgence around this directive, simply acknowledge it and reassure yourself this coming straight from source, we are being supported and guided to do our work in our world to support others with our unique and beautiful qualities and gifts.

So what are your re energising go too’s?

Deeply Moved – Thank You To Our Heroes

After enjoying a lovely Sunday lunch out yesterday,  we decided to to take the longer way home. We took the road that meandered through the villages of Buxton and Balmoral in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. not to take photos or to sticky beak but to try to have some understanding of what our community is experiencing.

I was deeply moved – as we drove kilometer after kilometer we saw the after math of the fire. We saw the homes that had been lost and we saw the homes still standing with evidence of how close the fire had come.

So many of the homes had big signs hanging from their fences saying ” Thank you”. I was moved, of course by the loss – I can only imagine how these people are feeling. What also moved me was how amazing these fire men and women are – how hard they are working and what an amazing job they are doing. The homes that were saved is nothing short of miraculous – with the obvious intensity of the fire what an incredible job they have done to save as many as they have. I am filled with admiration and humility for these incredible generous human beings who continue to give of themselves for the sake of others.

My thoughts firstly turn to – what more can I do on a daily basis in my life to contribute to our community – to assist others in ways I can and not just today but as an on going basis as a newly formed way of living – to be more generous and open hearted, more inclusive. To strengthen my ” be bothered” muscle and to reply ‘yes’ when someone asks.

My thoughts then drift to my sorrow and frustration as to why did we let this happen – why didn’t we listen to the wisdom of the people who have managed this land for thousands of years. Why did we let so many of our wild life perish because of our blatant miss management of the land we have the privilege to call home.

I know change/growth occurs through pain( kenso) or through insight ( satori), I can only hope that this pain will not be in vain.

Isn’t it time we sat together out of respect and worked together for the highest good of all?