Just Be You

Just Be You

You are Glorious as you are

Your wounds and scars are a reminder of the battles you have faced,

The new paths you have carved for yourself

You are empowered beyond words

You are love personified

The dreams in Your heart are your mission, your quest

Go and get them, do not stop until you have realised them,

And then and only then, rest, listen and allow the next mission to unfold.

You are a valuable and precious piece to this human existence puzzle.

Please, Please, Please,

Be You, uniquely, awkwardly, divinely you.

The above piece, poem I suppose, I channeled during my  morning meditation.

I have been well aware that something significant was shifting in me this year. It began with a left ear issue which lasted over 3 months, I knew something was trying to get my attention and as my left ear is the ear I receive through I had a sense I was “upgrading” for want of a better way to put it.  this Poem appears to be a part of that upgrade.

So too is a new women circle that is birthing along with a women’s retreat planned for April 2019.

The idea – intention is that when we each honour and acknowledge, therefore heal our wounds we do for ourselves and we do it for our linage, our families, our community and our world.

I feel very supported and honoured to bringing this work forward.

Stay tuned and if you would like to learn more please leave a comment and I will add you to my email list.

Abundant Blessings,


Retire In Style –

Retire In Style

Retire In Style –

Have you ever had that tap on the shoulder telling you that life as you knew is about to dramatically change? I have and as I was in my late 40’s I knew I needed a to attract a vehicle which would allow me to get back and beyond. Fortunately the universe heard my call. That was almost 8 years ago and now I get be to be that solution for others looking to Retire in Style.

Here is a great 30 minute FB live which I found super inspiring. bit.ly/youcanretireinstyle

Disconnecting to Reconnect – 24 hour Solo.

24 hour Solo

Disconnecting To Reconnect – My 24 Hour Solo.

Thanks to my eldest son Jakob for encouraging me to do a solo, otherwise known as a vision quest. I am deeply appreciate of this beautiful opportunity.

I have previously supported base camp for several vision quests over the years and one in particular a 5 day one which my eldest son Jakob was a participant. Ever since then Jake has been a huge fan and feels quiet at home in nature with no technology other than his camera which is powered by his solar panel.

Jakob has been asking me for a while if I would do my own solo? I believe in the wisdom of my children so when he continued to ask, I paid attention and eventually after observing my responses to  his question I chose to do my solo.

The time was right, there were a few things calling for my attention which I had  not giving my full attention to and I was feeling more and more out of alignment, I knew I was where I was meant to be business wise and relationship wise, location etc however I wasn’t feeling as much love as I like to for all in my life and I had been experiences some blockage, all clues I was out of balance.

My solo began at 10am on saturday morning, right after I had done some training with a member of my team, which also included a lovely insight which I took into my solo.

My family knew where I was and what I was doing, I had made a pot of vegie soup which would sustain me,  I switched off and disconnected from all technology.

What a gift to have the space of time with nothing that had to be done. I was in nature  armed with my journal, a copy of The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer and I was happy. Bear footed and happy.

At first I started journaling about “things” I wanted – I redesigned parts of the interior of my home and then started to look at my relationships. In between journaling and simply sitting and observing nature, I meditated. That was pretty much the pattern of my solo. I have been a daily meditater for well over 20 years however my appreciation for this insightful practise has increased 10 fold.

A thought or feeling stirred, I journaled and then meditated. The leading words which came in my first meditation were ” remember who you are”. The more I meditated the more at peace I became, the more blesses I felt. I ate when I was hungry and remembered how to simply be.

One of the insights which surprised me was how hooked into technology I had become, how important my phone had become and how “available” I was all the time.  That was certainly an area for me to bring balance.

The meditations I did where so beautiful, one where I was welcomed into the Grandmother Circle, one where I was elevated to receive a long embrace from my mum, a hug from your mum earth side is yummy but one from the spirit realm is just divine.

I did notice a slight discomfort as the light was beginning to fade however I surrendered and soon felt peaceful again. I slept after watching the night sky for a while and I rose when the light of the sun appeared, no alarm clocked needed.

I came out of my solo feeling deeply connected and aligned with my life, my business, my relationships and my future.

I received a message of being the light – which has created more clarity for who I am being in my life and my business. Exactly what I was seeking and then some.

I have promised myself to do this regularly and be open to supporting others who choose to disconnect to reconnect for themselves. To gain clarity of their vision and purpose to be in balance and to experience more peace with in.

I still feel as if I am floating today and the smile on my face is reflective of the appreciation in my heart.


Expansion, Growth, Appreciation and Love.


Expansion, Growth, Appreciation and Love.

These were the words my soul whispered to me in my morning meditation, expansion, growth, appreciation and love. As I reflect on recent events in my life I see how everything that occurs is an opportunity for me to expand, to grow, to appreciate and to love. If I feel triggered or wounded by an others actions, initially I look to them and wonder why they behaved that way, however after many many years of self inquiry I quickly realise it is in fact a limited perception of myself I am facing and I am gifted with an opportunity to expand, to grow, to appreciate and to love.

What I have noticed  as I choose to grow and expand, the awareness’s are more subtle, well mostly anyway and it is the fine tuning my thoughts and my beliefs about myself which are having a significant affect on my life.

One of the themes(wounds) I have been working with this life time is how others treat me, how they show value and respect towards me, the contrasts I have experienced have offered me  the opportunity  to expand and grow  the level of  respect and value I have for myself.  When I open my heart to allow more honouring of myself and my journey, to value deeply my own expansions I look less to others for confirmation and I stand more firmly on the ground of my truth.

Louise Hay has been a wonderful teacher that life is a mirror to see both the beauty and the hurts. When we see this as a gift we can truly expand, grow, which then has us  appreciate and love those around us more deeply.

Abundant Blessings,


How is Your Self Intergrity?

Self Intergrity- what is that?

Keeping your promises to yourself.

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the interviewee was speaking about “self intrigrity”. It caught my attention and got me curious about my own self integrity.

First of all lets look at what self integrity is.

Simply put, it’s the promises you keep, to yourself.

Let’s use an example of going to yoga class.
You make the intention to go to yoga 3 times every week and then it comes time to go to that 3 rd class and something else becomes more important and you let yourself off the hook and don’t go.

Now in the scheme of things you have already been to yoga twice and that’s great so it’s no biggy right?
Actually it is because every time we let ourselves off and don’t honour our promise to ourselvs we Chip away at our self belief.
Do this enough times and we stop believing in ourselves all together

Now I am not suggesting we beat ourselves up for not being ” perfect”, not at all.
We are striving for improvement not perfection.

What I am doing in my own life is focusing on my commitments to myself and making them more of a priority.
Making sure when I set my goals and intentions ach week/month I am really committed to them, that they are really in alignment with what I desire and that I am ready to commit to following through. Being deeply honest with myself and not “shoulding” myself into anything.

This has created a big shift for me in my self belief.
With strong self belief we will achieve our goals and dreams.
So, how is your self integrity?

Forgiveness is an Act of Self Love.


Louise Hay quote
Forgiveness will set you free

With the passing of the beloved Louise Hay last week I was inspired to reread You Can Heal You Life.

In the first chapter Louise Hay writes ” all dis-ease comes from a state of unforgivenesses”
It got me feeling into a back injury I have been working through over the past few months.
I have looked at the pain I have been experiencing from a logical perspective as well as doing lots of healing through meditation so it came as a clear message of the next piece for me.

I was guided to do a journey process ( a process I learned studying with Brandon Bays).
The journey work is powerful and often very surprising as was the case for me on this occasion.

What was revealed was a time when I was about 3 and my sister around 4 years of age.
As our parents worked full time we attended daycare from very young.
The memory that came up for healing and forgiving was a day my sister was upset, crying when our dad left and the daycare owner was frustrated with my sisters emotion so she locked her in a dark cupboard.
I recall sitting on the other side of the door trying to reassure my sister everything would be ok.
The emotion that surfaced during my journey was of how helpless i felt to stopped my sisters suffering.
I became aware that I hadn’t forgiven myself for not being able to stop her suffering and somehow felt responsible because I couldn’t bear my sister hurting in that way.

Of course logically how could a 3 year old do anything to prevent this From happening however my little heart was breaking for her and not being able to articulate what had occurred to our parents I have carried this pain inside my cells for over 50 years.

When I released this memory and forgave myself I was left with overflowing love.

I am so grateful to Louise Hay for her love and work that lives on.

What could you forgive to set yourself free?

Much love and light on your journey to forgiveness and self love.
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Create a life you love

Being in love with your life is the key to creating a life you love.
Back in 2010 when my life took a nose dive I realised something had to change. I had worked hard in my career and on my self for many years and I had achieved pretty much every goal I set for self.
I knew I was being offered an opportunity to expand beyond where I had been before, though at the time I was deeply in mourning for the life I had and all the loss. I did have enough connection to ask for assistance from the universe and as always it delivered.
I have been on a deep journey, working with our empowering self study courses and creating a version of my life that I truely love.
Being guided by our wel structure courses and being courageous to sit with uncomfortable aspects of my life I began emerging a changed woman.
What I have discovered, through the privacy of my journal what is authentic to me, what brings me joy and what my purpose is. It’s easy to write these words however this is not a journey for the faint hearted. I can honestly say I am loving my life and what I do on a daily basis to mentor and coach others is beyond what I could have dreamed was possible.
There is a beautiful quote from Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat, Pray, love in the picture ” the truth will set you free”.
If you would like to learn more my coaching or any of our programs you can contact me via kymmkennedy@hotmail.com

Why Your Past May Be Blocking Your Dreams.

Why Your Past Maybe Blocking Your Dreams.

Why Do we place significance on negative events?

Is Your Past blocking your dreams and why do we place so much significance on past negative events?
As a coach and an observer of my own life I am curious as to why we keep putting energy on negative events in our lives hoping that we will create the bright future we desire.
What I know about the universals laws is that we get more of what we focus on so why, why do we hold ourselves back by continuing to repeat past negative events over and over?

Recently I had a new awareness on this in my own life.

As a committed student of Personal Development and committed to achieving my dreams, I consciously choose to expand my awareness on a daily basis.
I have been taking a closer inspection on my manifestation abilities, my dream achieving tools. I have understood I have the ability to create/manifest my dreams/goals for quite some time and I have created some very cool results applying my abilities of focusing on what I want, taking inspired action and keeping my feel good vibration high.

However there are a few things that I have felt a little stuck on achieving so I had a chat with a mentor of mine, Shane Krider and through this conversation I exposed a limiting belief that once highlighted seems so ridiculous I could hardly believe I had been buying it.
What a blessing to realise and release this limitation. It was one of those actual energy releases where my body shook as the energy shifted, very cool feeling.

If you find yourself telling yourself a certain story ( a negative event from your past) over and over I can almost guarantee you have a limiting belief which is keeping you from releasing and moving on.

In a recent MindPower podcast Dr Patrick Williams shares a great 6 step process to help release limiting beliefs from your past which may be holding you back MindPower Podcasts – Patrick Williams

Have you noticed a certain story repeating over and over, either in your mind or when you are sharing with others. This could be the place to start implement the 6 step strategy shared on the podcast.
Which is:
* recall
* reflect
* reveal on paper
* reveal to another ( a coach or trusted friend)
* reboot
* restart.
It is worth noticing the events from our past that we place significance on – these are the places to work with.
It is really worth the effort and the attention to release these limitations.
Your Future self will thank you for it.

Morning Rituals – A Key To Success

Morning and Evening Rituals.

Morning Rituals for success
Morning Rituals for success

Setting ourselves up for success doesn’t just happen by default.
Its a choice we make each and every day.
Morning and evening rituals are definitely a success strategy worth adopting.

I was reminded of this when watching a Tony Robbins video where Tony shared what his morning ritual looks like. It involves gratitude, breathing, movement and setting love and intentions.
I have shared before how I have been inspired by Robin Sharma’s 5am club – and adopted it myself and of course added my own flavour.

As we are beginning to experiencing more daylight here in the southern hemisphere its a great opportunity to reboot your morning and evening rituals.

I will share mine for you take what works for you and create your own.

My Morning begins at 5.15am.
* Jump and put coffee machine on –
* yoga whilst waiting for machine to build pressure ( 10 minutes)
* Make Coffee – a little honey and almond milk
* log on to my Personal Development program and cover the next section
* Journal
* Meditate which includes visualisation of my goals and surrounding my 3 children with white light and love. I surround myself with white light and then extend love and light to all my friends and family.
Next I extend love and light to anyone I have challenges with and then extend love to the entire world.
I express my gratitude and ask that I be of the best service I can be today and give thanks for guidance and support.
I then have a little contemplation time before I dial into a professional training call at 6.30am.

My evening Ritual:
I share with a colleague of mine via Skype; what challenged me today, what made me smile and what was I proud of.
I write down 10 things I am grateful for.
Prior to sleep – I again surround my 3 children with love and light, I thank my beautiful healthy body for continuing to heal and balance itself as I sleep and I give thaks for a peaceful and restful night sleep.
I set an intention or 2 for the following day and I hand over to the universe anything that I want support with for transformation.

I have done these rituals for years, so much so they have become habits and almost automatic for me.

Do you have a morning or night ritual?
These rituals align beautifully with my belief that I am the creator of my life.

Alchemy Coaching Program – Train The Trainer


What does Alchemy mean – to me Alchemy means turning base metals into precious metals, turning my difficulties into my diamonds.

I have spent a large part of my adult life mastering my transformation skills, both unconsciously and consciously. I am committed to breaking free from the self imposed labels of a challenging childhood.

You see like many of us who have experienced adversity, lets face it, that covers most of us.
We have been left with a feeling that we are broken or damaged and we either need fixing or discounting because we aren’t like the “perfect” model.
The high performance model that doesn’t screw up, ever.

Who ever fed us that rubbish and more importantly why did we buy it?

The answer to that question doesn’t really matter because I know everyone, including my parents did the very best they could and they loved me deeply. What I am most excited about is I have discovered ( attracted) an amazing program that has offered me a different perspective. A perspective of “I am perfect – just as I am”.

Our Alchemy Coaching Program offers me a way of looking at my life, a perspective that puts me in the all empowering drivers seat and reaffirms the powerful creator I am. I am emotional writing this, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the Alchemy perspective that we are put on this earth to create and co-create and love and support each other. Whist I am an aspiring sovereign woman we are in this together and co creating is such a rewarding way of providing service to others.

Alchemy Coaching Program is a philosophy of transformation that will expand your experiences in all aspects of your life to new and exhilarating heights.

If you would like to learn this for yourself or you are looking to become a certified Alchemy Coach kindly pop your details into Alchemy Coaching Program