Be Your Priority – Putting Yourself First.

Be Your Priority.

As women and particularly as mature women why do we cringe at the idea of putting ourselves first?
The answer is because of our conditioning. For years our worth and validation came from being an awesome servant to everyone else’s needs.

Through my connection with women, I am noticing more and more we are really challenged by unravelling this old paradigm and giving ourselves permission to prioritise our lives.

As we commit to stepping out and sharing our wisdom and gifts with our world we have to take a stand with our children, our partners and heck anyone who is not validating that we matter.
This is challenging I know as I have prided myself on how much I did for everyone else.
Don’t get me wrong I loved doing it and even though I was exhausted I don’t regret any of it. However it is time for things to change. As the Dalai Lama said ” It is western women who will heal our world”. Ladies, we have a mission.

It takes time to break free from these old habits so be gentle with yourself. But break them we must if we are to fore fill our mission.

Here are some suggestions that may help you to prioritise you.

* I find being disciplined with my scheduling is a real asset in making me and my work a priority.
I make time either on a Friday before I finish up my work week or Sunday morning to plan my diary. I use both google calendar and a paper diary and yes they are colour coded.
Work and my time (yoga and walking) go in and then other tasks get scheduled around that.

* Having a strong morning practise of working on my mindset, journaling and mediation also help me to stay on track and be connected to the guidance that is available to all of us.

* Continuing to commit and recommit to my vision and mission helps to strengthen my resolve and not bend so quickly to what others want of me.
Saying things like ” yes I can assist you however it will need to be at this time” making sure you aren’t comprising you and your work.

Stay strong, together we can shift this old paradigm.

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Kym Stewart

Kym Stewart

Hello and Welcome to my site, my name is Kym. I have been creating life on my terms for as long as I can remember. As a small child I would escape to the Aussie bush to talk with the fairies, this was how I navigated a challenging childhood. Over my 40+ years of working I have owned, created and run several business's. In my late 40's at another pivotal transition I turned to the online world as I was looking to simplify my working life and create work/life balance. I discovered a business which combined 2 of my passions, Coaching and Personal Development. I now get to assist individuals who are seeking a better way. I am committed to making a difference and I do this through daily readings on Facebook and Instagram and through my writing and YouTube Channel. I look forward to connecting with you.

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