Women Of Worth – Own Your Power.

Women of Worth – Own Your Power.

Are you owning your power?

Are you being the women you were sent here to be?

The Dalai lama has been a spiritual guide for me since my 30’s, in fact it was reading his book “Freedom In Exile” that changed my course and sent me on my spiritual journey. So it is no surprise that I paid attention when I heard him quoted saying ” western women will heal our world”.

I interpret the Dalai Lama’s quote to mean that it is the feminine way of working that is the way forward.
It is through collaboration and inclusion, allowance as apposed to competitive push methods.
It is through work/life balance, through sharing and uniting that our world will heal. And you my lovelies have a role to play.

So my question to you is are you being the women you were sent here to be?

If you are being a mumma then do that with all you have and honour it for the scared role that it is. When I was raising my 3 beautiful gifts I thought I had to be super mum, I didn’t value my role as mother being enough which had me over achieving and running myself into the ground. I now know better.

If you are a messenger, a light worker, a coach, a healer, are you being that?
And If not, why not?

Its time to spread your beautiful wings and together we can heal our world.

Let me ask you this, if there were no limitations – no fear, no lack of funds or know how, what would you be offering our world?

Let me know your answer in the comments so I can be of greater service to you.

Lets do this ladies.
Abundant Blessings,


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