It’s Not About The Money – Really!

I remember when I first heard a mentor of mine say “it’s not about the money”.

I thought to myself ” yeh right, you can’t see my bank balance”.

As I have continued to work on myself through reading books and our online Personal Development programs I have come to realise the truth of this statement.

It really isn’t about the money, we have to dig a little deeper to see what is the limitation or the past experience we are holding on to that is the real cause and yet we find it so easy to blame the money.
It is not about something outside of ourselves, it’s always about us, who we are being, what we are saying to ourselves ( the stories we are telling ourselves) which is a good thing because we can then choose to do something about that.

When I feel frustrated about my results or the financial flow in my life I sit down with pen and paper beside me and I go into meditation and ask myself to feel into the feeling of frustration or lack. I allow it to amplify so I can dig a little deeper. With practise this becomes a simple and effective technique.

In my experience I don’t have to dig to much below the surface of blaming money to discover a self worth issue or a lack of confidence, lack of belief in myself or some other limiting story from a past version of myself that I am continuing to buy into. Once recognised I can choose to acknowledge and forgive that part of myself and move forward again.

We are a continual work in progress and the point is to expand and become more of who we truly are.
If this resonates with you and I could be of service to you please reach out to me by leaving a comment and I will get back in touch
Abundant Blessings, Kym ❤


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