Today I am my Future Self – What will your life look like 1 year from today?

Today I am my Future Self – What will your life look like in 1 year from now?

It is a year ago today that I had a Near Death Experience which came as a result of a Heart Event.
As I look back with a heart filled with gratitude, I realise, today I am my future self.
I am fitter, I am happier, I am clearer, I am more committed to my dreams and goals and to my mission to make a difference.

I am living in a new gorgeous home with my partner, I have a lovely team of women I get to support in my career, wonderful, caring loving friends and a zest for life which has me feeling like a kid again.
All of these results came about from making a clear, authentic commitment to myself, to allow my event to be a positive turning point. That doesn’t mean it was easy, the mind can be our friend or foe so disciplining that takes practise.

So I ask you, what will your life like one year from now?

Will it be the same, just wishing for a better life or are you going to back yourself and start that business, get that gym or yoga membership, put yourself out there to love again. What ever it is for you, you deserve to live your best life. This is not a dress rehearsal and time waits for no man or women.

Who is with me? Say YES if you are ready to rock n roll and get on with it and then take that first step, the universe is waiting to support you.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you are saying YES to.