Creating Ritual In Our Lives Deepens Our Appreciation.

Creating Ritual In our lives deepens our appreciation.

Creating ritual in our lives deepens our appreciation for all that we are and what we have.
As we receive more of what we focus on, we open ourselves to have more to appreciate.

Each Sunday we do a ritual to Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.
We share our gratitude and set an intention for the week ahead.
We surround our statue of Ganesha with flowers which sits at the front door of our home.
Each time we pass we are reminded to offer gratitude and our connection to our intention.

Regardless of the outcomes we become more deeply rooted in gratitude and appreciation by this simply yet powerful ritual.
By ritualising our lives we become more connected to who we are being and what we are creating in our lives.

What rituals do you honour?
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