Our Higher Self is Our Eternal Being

Our Higher Self
We are eternal Beings

I have a mission to be the best version of myself, this is an ongoing mission which I put reasonable time into everyday.
I have worked with our Master of Destinies Program ( part of my direct sales business) for the past 8 years and one of the concepts in that program is Higher Self. It follows the principles of Be, Do, Have. Who are we being – its about expanding beyond where we have been before to create space for something new.

Having spent last weekend at one of our training conferences, Our Higher Self  concept was discussed by one of the presenters, Alison. I love and respect Alison dearly and have been reflecting on her share all week. It has assisted me to make sense and have a deeper level of insight around a recent health event in my life.

7 weeks ago I experienced spiritual awakening during a heart event. As I lay in the ambulance and the wonderful paramedics worked on my body I ( my higher self) was having an awakening. It was a beautiful and peaceful realisation and the words and knowingness I was experiences where ” there is only love”, love is the foundation of everything and we, as humans pinch ourselves off from that love with our minds, our fears and our limitations.

It is taking some time for me to fully integrate my experience however reflecting on our higher self concept and meditating on it I get that what I was experiencing in the back of the ambulance was my higher self, that part of me which is eternal, my soul.

Far out, I am not entirely sure what I am to do with this new found awareness other than to share it in the hope it may be of some greater assistance to you, the reader.

For me, its about living from and taking my clues from my higher self, my higher self is my councel, it is me forefilling my human experience for the greatest good.

What a honourable and humble role we each have to play,


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