Embracing Our Self Doubt – Part of Our Success Story

Embracing Our Self Doubt is part of our Success Story.

Self doubt can be insidious, that quiet ( not always) subtle voice that holds us back from taking the action that would lead  us to sharing our gifts with the world. Sometimes it comes in after we have taken the steps and undoes all the great work we have done by telling us we shouldn’t have. Sound familiar?

It’s ok, breath, relax we all experience it and today I am here to share a perspective that just might help.

By sitting with and listening too our self doubt we can actually move forward more easily. In our busy lives we are well practised at pushing aside our feelings and emotions to get to the end goal.  However if we simply sat and allowed our self doubt to show itself, for us to acknowledge that it exist, this will move the energy to flow through and not get stuck.

Our feelings and emotions are just like us, we all want to be heard and acknowledge and our e-motions ( energy in motion) are the same. By taking a few moments to sit and allow the self doubt to show itself to us it may just reveal some past energy ( experience) that had us buy into the story of not capable, deserving, good enough to do what we desire. We are humans, we learn through experience, we take the step and the next one is revealed.

When we allow ourselves to remember the universe really does have our back and is here to support us every step of the way we find the courage and conviction to take that step. We honour our self doubt as a reminder that we are human and we  smile and take the universe by the hand and get going on our success journey.

We are now more than ever being urged to share that gift, build that business, write that book, sing that song what ever it is for you. So I ask you, are you willing to honour that self doubt and move toward your success?

As always, I love hearing your success’s and breakthroughs, this is going to be a magical year.

Abundant Blessings, Kym



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