Deeply Moved – Thank You To Our Heroes

After enjoying a lovely Sunday lunch out yesterday,  we decided to to take the longer way home. We took the road that meandered through the villages of Buxton and Balmoral in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. not to take photos or to sticky beak but to try to have some understanding of what our community is experiencing.

I was deeply moved – as we drove kilometer after kilometer we saw the after math of the fire. We saw the homes that had been lost and we saw the homes still standing with evidence of how close the fire had come.

So many of the homes had big signs hanging from their fences saying ” Thank you”. I was moved, of course by the loss – I can only imagine how these people are feeling. What also moved me was how amazing these fire men and women are – how hard they are working and what an amazing job they are doing. The homes that were saved is nothing short of miraculous – with the obvious intensity of the fire what an incredible job they have done to save as many as they have. I am filled with admiration and humility for these incredible generous human beings who continue to give of themselves for the sake of others.

My thoughts firstly turn to – what more can I do on a daily basis in my life to contribute to our community – to assist others in ways I can and not just today but as an on going basis as a newly formed way of living – to be more generous and open hearted, more inclusive. To strengthen my ” be bothered” muscle and to reply ‘yes’ when someone asks.

My thoughts then drift to my sorrow and frustration as to why did we let this happen – why didn’t we listen to the wisdom of the people who have managed this land for thousands of years. Why did we let so many of our wild life perish because of our blatant miss management of the land we have the privilege to call home.

I know change/growth occurs through pain( kenso) or through insight ( satori), I can only hope that this pain will not be in vain.

Isn’t it time we sat together out of respect and worked together for the highest good of all?


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  1. What a beautiful post Kym, reflecting many of my thoughts. I am wondering what I will see when I return in a couple of months, certainly not the rawness of the immediate aftermath but the landscape will be drastically changed.

    As with every disaster I have witnessed, from afar, when horror strikes so too does the best of humanity. At times this is what keeps me going.

    1. I completely agree Pip – we do get to see the absolute best in others. I guess the expanded vibration of love and gratitude is part of the healing process. Thank you for your contribution.