Be Mindful Of The Energy You Bring – Its an Act Of Self Care

Be Mindful of the energy you bring – it our responsibility.

This morning I was woken early – before the sun was up – I have come to know these early morning wakes are the spirit world connecting with me, to bring a message to share with you, the receiver.

The message was clear – Be Responsible for the energy you bring. The message is as much for me to be mindful of as for you.

Of course we all know the experience of  that person  that comes into a room and the energy instantly changes. It could be that suddenly the room is filled with love and calm or perhaps its that person that seems to be completely unaware of their surroundings and how their over stimulated energy has just shattered the peacefulness of the room.

However this message is more directed to each of us as a means of self care.

As an introvert and empath I recharge by being alone, by settling down my nervous system and coming back to myself and clearing my energies. ( Body Scan Meditation is my preferred method)

As we work as healers, counsellors, coaches, Light workers our own self care is vital to our well being.

I am learning to be more clear in my communication as to my needs – my need to have alone time of silence and quiet is not a rejection of anyone it is an act of self love.

Spending time in nature and in particular our Australian bush is a sacred honouring of my energies and as we know, we can not serve well when we are not energised and nourished ourselves.

The message received today feels as if this is being unlined for each of us so that we place a higher value of our own self care.

Please spend sometime to take ownership of your energies, noticing, without judgement if they are down and then asking ourselves what is required to nurture and nourish ourselves so that we are serving at our best again?

If, like me you still feel a pang of self indulgence around this directive, simply acknowledge it and reassure yourself this coming straight from source, we are being supported and guided to do our work in our world to support others with our unique and beautiful qualities and gifts.

So what are your re energising go too’s?


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