Lets Talk About Self Esteem – Shall We ?

Self Esteem – What actually is it and How abundant is your’s?

According to the Oxford dictionary self esteem is – confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.

Which picture do you resonate with right now?

Self esteem is a flowing , moving energy that has us feel like the first picture one day and then for some known or unknown reason we feel more like the shattered image of ourselves at other times.

Self esteem has been an interesting journey for me and I have come to the place that maybe the stronger our foundations were during childhood the stronger our overall self esteem is. It makes sense that when you have strong foundations you spend less time as an adult going back to sure up the wobbly bits.

I want to be clear here, having a wobbly self esteem  doesn’t give us permission to blame our parents. It could be an interaction with a teacher or a neighbour that was the thing that triggered us into feeling less than or dis empowered in some way.

The thing is we all have stuff, and we all have tricky days, however some of us seem to experience a few more self esteem challenges than others and that’s ok.  For me as a cute, round little person I was ridiculed about my shape right throughout my younger years which led to a mild eating disorder in my teens.

The larger of my challenges came as a boundary abuse by a neighbour that seems to come back time and time again for me to work through.

It doesn’t matter what the core reason for the trigger of  drop in self belief or confidence its what we do on the days that this shows itself.    https://www.kymmstewart.life/coachinginquiry/ 

Compassion, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness and regular conversations with the younger version of ourselves through meditation is the way of healing that I find works best for me.

Sitting with the energies that come up and being courageous to allow it to reveal the emotion and the story through jounaling or with someone you trust https://www.kymmstewart.life/coachinginquiry/ is bringing it into the light and from there we get to choose how we are going to honour it. The most empowering piece is that we listen deeply to that shattered/ hurt part of ourselves so that we can sooth and heal. Once acknowledged it can shift and release being transformed and remember that we heal in our-self we heal for all.

The next time you are feeling less than, what would it be like if you took some time to deeply listen to the younger version of you?

Abundant Blessings, Kym 🙏🏼❤



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