What Are You Grateful For ?

What are you Grateful For?

I know its not a new question, however it is a poignant one right now.

In all the chaos the way to stay calm and grounded is to focus inward and focusing on what we are grateful for. Gratitude can  lead us to come back to ourselves, to calm our selves and listen to all that is wonderful in our lives.

Things are changing, and that is not always comfortable, however the more we resist the more we suffer. When we can acknowledge our emotions, not make ourselves wrong and step back into our power we know who we want to be and how we want to respond. Honour that, trust that.

Gratitude is a pathway that we can access in any moment in any situation.

I have chosen to up my own gratitude practise as a way of balancing my own life. Feeling incredibly blessed to have an online business doing what I love has become more deeply appreciated. I feel for those who are in chaos and feel out of control and faced with needing to find a new pathway in their careers.

The flip side is that now may be the best opportunity to choose a new way, a new career path a new way of generating income. There are so many new opportunities to be well rewarded for doing what we love, we just have to be open to new ways of thinking around generating income, think abundantly and allow yourself to imagine the best case scenarios.

Here are a few tips that may help you navigate a way forward.

❤ if there were no limitations – what would you love to do –

❤ is there a hobby or passion that can be transformed into a career path

❤ what have people always come to you for?

❤ what is your greatest talent, skill, gift?

Allow yourself to dream and dream big – by putting pictures out into the universe of what you love and are grateful for you may well be delightfully surprised by the universe offering a new connection.

If you would like to book a session with me to help you connect the pieces I would love to assist you.

Stay well, abundant blessings, Kym


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