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I decide, after being inspired by one of my mentors, that I was going to come out of this lock down, a better version of me.

At the start of our stay at home, the only real difference was that we weren’t eating out at restaurants, something we did a few times a week.
I began to notice that I was using alcohol, chocolate and eating out as a form of escaping, there was something I wasn’t honouring, a truth that I was putting off facing.
So as a way of connecting with this part of myself I chose to stop the chocolate and alcohol as well.

What has replaced the escaping is the opportunity to confront those aspects of my way of being that weren’t in alignment.
It doesn’t matter how much work we have done on ourselves, It’s scary to let go of what is familiar.

What I got in touch with is that I haven’t really backed myself to live my passion. I have a love and connection to coach women to live their passions and whist I have done some of this, I haven’t fully embraced my full potential and really gone for it.

I did not want to get to the end of my life not having honoured my mission whole heartedly.

So, my life has taken 180 degrees turn.

I have a partner who has my back, I have engaged 2 beautiful coaches, (support is important to keep meeting and going beyond the edges) and I am giving myself a year to see what I can create, I’ll then review.

I believe this has been a wake up call for all of us to get onto our aligned path more authentically and fully.

At 58 I have plenty of time to be the women I have dreamt of being and to serve and hold space for other women to live their mission.
If not now, when?

What I am offering;

❤ Cups of Tea with Kym Women Circle – held fortnightly on Zoom
❤ One on One Coaching – packages available
❤ Cups of Tea with Kym Oracle Card Readings
❤ Cups Of Tea With Kym Podcast – Launching 30.6.20

If you are ready to step into the fullness of your mission you can set up a call with me by clicking here.


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