What if You Really Backed Yourself?

What if You Really Backed Yourself?

As women our automatic response is to put everyone else first and we are great at it.
We have watched and learned from our mothers, and grandmothers and they learned it from their grandmothers. At some point in time this served our communities well. Not anymore, our world needs us.

What if we really backed ourselves – what if we placed as high a priority on our dreams, our desires our purpose, our calling as we did on those around us?

So often we place more importance on what our children, parents, partners or siblings require, (believe me I speak from experience), that there is no energy or time left for our hearts calling.
So we have never really backed ourselves, we have had half hearted attempts and not seen the results so we have put it on the back burner again for another time.

If this pandemic has taught us something surely it is how precious life is and how changing a world we live in is. This chaos has a purpose to stir us into action to honour our calling our purpose and our mission.

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama said, “it is western women who will save our world”.

What are you doing to honour this cause?
Are you continuing to allow others needs and wants to be more important than yours?

I say ladies let’s take off those metaphorical aprons and come together and support each other to get on with our greater mission to save our world.
To shift the balance from the masculine, do, do, do, competitive model to the all-inclusive, leave no one behind feminine way.

We are so used to pushing our desires to the side and saying I’ll do it when I can and I’ll do it myself.

Well no more – its time to step out and into your own spotlight and shine those amazing gifts and talents that have been brewing below the surface for all these years.

Get a coach, get a buddy, and get clear on what is in your heart and then start taking the steps towards it.

If you have allowed your mind to cloud your vision use this Perfect Day meditation to gain some clarity.

Get out your journal and allow yourself to feel into what is in your heart even if you are scared or if you don’t know how.

Have the conversation with your significant other and come up with a plan to give yourself the space to follow your heart and honour your calling.

If not now, when?

My mission is to support women to step into their light.
Book a conversation with me today. No more playing small so that others


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