Calling all Light Workers – Its time to Share Your Message.

Light Workers – We are Being Called

Light Workers – We Are Being Called.

Unless you have been hibernating in a cave somewhere, we all know our world has changed. Through the chaos of fires, floods and virus’s we have been called inward, literally and for the aware, spiritually too.

The Mayan’s predicted that 2012 would be the end of the world, and since then the energies certainly have shifted however, the bigger shift has come this year, in 2020.

Many of us could feel a big year coming and for those of us, light workers, you may have experienced a wake up.
A feeling that you simply can’t ignore and actually don’t want to. A call to your purpose, a call to be who you were born to be.

Hallelujah – I heard it too and yes I have made some big adjustments – I am stepping out of what has been familiar to me and following the guidance to serve a greater cause.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge each and everyone of you are who are putting your hand up and saying yes to the call – even if it is a little shakerly.
I hear you, I see you and I am here to support you.

So lets address the question that many ask – so what is a light worker and how do I know if I am one.

I light worker is a person who has chosen to come to earth to transform dark ( adversity, Fear, Limitation) into light for the betterment of all. Light working is a way of being – it is a mission that you just know you are here to honour.

Usually light workers will choose careers like coaches, therapists, nursers, yoga teachers, school teachers, Oracle card readers, midwives, mothers, artists, musicians anyone who is offering their gifts for a greater purpose than themselves. Light workers can be empaths, powerful manifestors, they can feel like they don’t fit in.

If you are questioning if you are a light worker, the answer is probably yes.
I believe we are headed towards a new way of being and eventually all will realise they are light beings – however for now we require the awake to support the waking. That’s why we are being called.

So now that you know that – what do you do?

Firstly you set about healing yourself – doing the practises that you are drawn to – meditation, journaling, energy work, nourishing your body and mind with healthy uplifting energies. Getting the support that your require to heal yourself.

Spend plenty of time in nature and start to pay conscious attention to the guidance you are receiving and find a tribe to hang out with who will support you to explore and expand more fully into who you truly are, a beautiful light worker here to do their bit to heal and expand our world.

I am offering My Share Your Unique Message is July – A 6 Week Live Virtual Course to discover, enhance and share your light with the world.

I also have a private Facebook Group where I offer guidance and support – with mini readings and much more.

I am deeply committed to my purpose to assist light worker women to be who they were born to be.

Reach out if I can assist you,

Abundant Blessings,


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