Vision Boards – A Powerful Tool for Creating The Life of Your Dreams.

Vision Boards – A Powerful Tool for Creating The Life of Your Dreams.

I can’t believe I have not written a post about vision boards before now. Oh dear that is my bad.

I have been using and teaching about the power of vision boards ever since I learned about them from the movie the Secret back in 2006.

If you haven’t watched The Secret Movie I highly recommend it and if you haven’t watched it for a while could be a good time to re-watch.
John Assaraf shares his love of vision boards and the power of them.

Pretty much everything I have ever really wanted to bring about in my life I have had it on my vision board – I use to do them as an activity with my 3 children to remind them of how powerful they are and that they truly can create the life of their dreams. It has been a very successful tool for me and continues to be.

If you are new to Vision Boards or haven’t made one for a while here is what I suggest you do.

Take some time to get clear about what you want to create in your life, it could be a board for a specific area of your life such as health and wellness, or career or a broader whole of life board including wellness, career, love, home, car, jewellery etc.
Take some time to write down your dreams.

If you are having some trouble getting clear, here is a guided visualisation that might help.

Once you have some ideas, find some pictures and words that represent those dreams and desires either by printing them off from the internet or from magazines and taking a large piece of cardboard – arrange your pictures and words in a way that you like. I currently use a pinboard which I love.

You can also use Pinterest to create a secret board for yourself. Just remember to view it often.

Place your board somewhere you will see it often – in your office or bedroom – on the fridge – be mindful if you have others in your household who may not be supportive of your dreams then keep inside your wardrobe door or somewhere that is private for you.

You want to spend some time often looking at the pictures and feeling into how you feel living that version of your life. Daydreaming is a powerful way to bring your visions into being and its fun, we use to spend hours doing it as kids.

Have some fun and be sure to put a big ✔ when you have achieved your goal/dream.

I would love to hear of your success’s or maybe you have some tips that others could benefit from, please share.

Happy creating,

Abundant Blessings,
Kym ❤


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