The Potency of The Winter Solstice – Did you delve into the dark?

It really is no surprise that going into the dark this winter solstice was a little scary and intense – however I am so glad that I did.

Having a dark of the moon right on the energies of the solstice intensified the energies all the more – I am also born on the dark of the moon which adds extra potency, it really brings out the witch in me.

I use to love the winter solstice ritual that my children did at their Steiner school.
All the children would sit quietly in a darkened room with just 1 mother candle burning in the centre – much like the above photo, one by one they would walk the spiral, slowing and reverently to light their candle off the centre candle, then walk back, carrying their light to place it on the spiral to join in bringing a greater light for all.

It was a beautiful ceremony that really gave the children the experience of the blessings of winter and the potency and potential
of our internal light.

This solstice I did my own spiral in a metaphorical way – as I walked slowly in the dark towards my inner flame – I surrendered my fear of being controlled by the masculine. I lit my candle and carried back out of the spiral the knowing that the light would join me in expanding any darkness ie limitation around where I was allowing myself to be controlled by the masculine or in fact anything external.

The next few days where emotionally tumultuous – it came in the form of a business challenge and a family challenge – in particular with my estranged sister.

It felt overwhelming, painful and there were points it felt “too hard”.

I chose to keep reflecting, journaling and meditating. I went to my favourite river walk and hugged a few trees. I prayed to my guide, Kuan Yin for strength and guidance. I also began listening to Marianne Williamson’s Book “A Women’s Worth” – I must read for all.

During one of my meditations I was shown an image of situation my sister and I were in as little girls and from that image I knew what action I needed to take. It wasn’t an easy step to take but I took the action anyway. What my sister chooses now is up to her and I continue to send love and light regardless.

I have come out of this energy with a renewed fire in my belly to be the empowered woman I am committed to be.

I have a deepened resolve to honour my mission and less tolerance for disempowered models that no longer serve.

When we have the courage to face the dark the light joins us.

I would love to hear how you have travelled this past few days, my beautiful goddess women.

Abundant Blessings,
Kym .❤


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