Connecting With Our Inner Child to Heal –

I have been a student of Personal Development for over 20 years, some of you know my story of reading the Dalai Lama’s book and it literally changed my life.

Personal Development encourages us to be positive, to look for what we are grateful for and to learn the lesson available and I agree these are wonderful and empowering skills and ways of being worthy of strengthening.

However, there is another piece to the puzzle – part of the commitment to expand consciousness, which is what most people who want to make a difference are motivated by,( may use different language) we must heal the wounds and not just stick a bandaid on them.

To heal our wounds they must be brought from the darkness, hidden, suppressed, compartmentalised to the light, to be acknowledged and transformed, healed.

I am not saying to go digging, I agree with the term ” if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I am talking about if something is holding us out from living a happy, fulfilled life then maybe there is something that requires healing.

There are many ways to heal and I am happy to share more of these in future emails.

Today I want to focus on a gentle and kind method of connecting with our inner child.

Over the weekend we watched a great Disney movie – Christopher Robbin – Euan McGregor plays a brilliant role and the story speaks exactly to this topic. I wont spoil it, Ill let you check it out for yourself.

I was reminded of the importance of connecting with our inner child, that free, fun loving, free spirited little being that was full of wisdom and wonder.

Some activities that I love to do to connect with my little Kym are taking myself on a picnic and maybe buying myself a cup cake or a sweet treat, taking a walk in nature looking for fairies, colouring in, playing on the playground equipment in the park. Watching Disney movies.

I pay attention to how I feel, often memories will bubble up and sometimes wounds can surface, this is when we get to acknowledge and reassure our younger self that we have our back and we are safe, cared for and acknowledge by our adult self.

This is a powerful and empowering way to heal those aspects of ourselves that maybe yearning for attention.

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