Deep Listening is a Worthy Skill to Embrace.

At the very beginning of my coaching journey I spent several years as a co facilitator of women’s workshops. These were deeply connected and spiritual in nature, my role was of support. To be the best support person I could be, I learned to be very present, to pay attention to the how the women were responding and to listen deeply. When you don’t talk, we get to listen.

I consider these 7 years as a wonderful apprenticeship that continue to serve me well on my journey as a coach and healer.

With all the stimulation that exists in our world today, we are easily detracted. Because of these distractions we are reluctant to be still and listen and if only we realised how potent this simple act is, we would stop resisting and make it a priority in our day.

Have you ever noticed that when you are talking to someone, 2 sentences in, the other person has stopped listening and is already preparing what they are going to say. You can feel it and it doesn’t feel great.

When we practise listening deeply we not only honour the person who is sharing, we start to listen to ourselves, to our language, and to our souls whispers.

We have so much wisdom within us, if only we took the time to listen.

Do you feel like you are honouring your soul’s journey, do you even know what that is?

I love supporting your individual soul’s journey and to help you to live in your light.

If you are ready to take the next and honour your journey, I am listening.

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