Honouring All Parts of Oursleves

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Honouring all aspects of ourselves

We spend a lot of time and energy denying and making wrong, aspects of ourselves which we deem not good enough or worse that they shouldn’t exist.

What if we stopped fighting with those parts and instead acknowledged & embraced them.

For me, one part of I have fought for many years is my body. Somewhere in my early years I made a decision based on the evidence around me, namely my older sister that a round body was a wrong body.

To take a line from one of my favourite movie’s, Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth says, whilst eating pizza in Naples “I have no interest in being obese, but I am sick of constantly worrying about what food I just ate”.

I agree, I love food, I am a real foodie and whilst my goal is to be healthy and vibrant I am over feeling guilty for enjoying great food.

So during a recent mediation I decided to stop making my round body wrong, to stop the fight and to instead embrace and honour this beautiful vehicle which carried my babies and houses my soul.

What parts of you are making wrong and what would it be like to stop the war and embrace and honour all aspects of yourself, even the parts you aren’t proud off.

We all desire to be acknowledged and so too do the different aspects of us.

So next time you catch yourself resisting some part of yourself, stop, breath and acknowledge her, sit with her and listen to what she has t say. Notice how you feel. Make it a practise to honour and acknowledge all parts of you.

We will cover tools and practises to do this during my Share Your Unique Message program.

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