Life Happens For Me, Not To Me

Byron Katie

When we resonate and accept the above words as truth our lives take on a whole new perspective.

Earlier this week doing one of my biweekly Facebook Lives Cups Of Tea with Kym Light Workers Hub
584/ I introduced the idea that we choose our parents.

This idea brought up quite a bit of discussion and I got the sense there was some emotional triggering happening. I totally understand as I had a rather prickly relationship with my mum. I loved ( love) my mum dearly however her pain often triggered my pain and that created a challenging dance.

Many years ago, I attended a weekend workshop and part of the process’s presented was to share with the group our mothers story. We got to stand up and speak as if we were our mothers and telling their story as if we were them. Oh Boy, this changed my life, my compassion instantly grew for mum and the path she had walked.
This year it will be 10 years since my mum left her body and my perspective and understanding of why I chose her has deepened.
I see that through my choosing her I got to experience fierce independence at an early age, I learned to break some rules and to walk my own path. I also learned generosity and kindness are beautiful qualities that have served me well. The depth of my love and respect for my mum continues to expand.

Perhaps if this is a challenging thought for you, with either of your parents, perhaps try the exercise of telling their life story as if you were them.
I also have a cups of Tea with Mum exercise which is very powerful. Ill share more of this in my up coming program and also on my Podcast.

When we choose to see that we live in a friendly universe which is constantly supporting our soul on its journey life takes on some beautiful and sometimes magical qualities.

Feel free to message me if you have further questions or with to share your insights.

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