Declutter Your Life to Allow More Flow

Declutter Your Life To Allow More Flow
This was a powerful topic of one of our internal training calls for my Online Business this week and I have been really delving deep.

Now we all know, well I am assuming we all know that to live in a tidy environment and work in an organised space is a much healthier, happier energy for us. So I did a quick check of my office, moved a few things and put away a few more etc however what I have been focusing on is my mind, my emotions and where I have been hanging on to old sh%$.

So lets take money and business as a example, but you can apply this to any area that you would like to energise.
I have been running my current business’s for 10 years and I realised that some of my practises like money accounting and marketing have still been stuck in the initial set up, more survival stage. I hadn’t been taking the time to look at the bigger picture and look at were these practises really serving a maturing business.
I have to say it was a bit of slap in the face moment, and before any of you awesome well business trained people gasp in horror, let me remind you, like most small business owners I am self trained.

Of course looking at all of this is also quite triggering emotionally. Through this decluttering process I have let go of past mistakes and wounds and shames because they were holding my energy at a slower vibration. Lets face it we, well I at least hold on to this stuff much longer than is necessary or useful. Why? either because I wasn’t ready to confront them or I was hanging on in fear that if I didn’t I would repeat history.

My waste basket has been abundant with wet tissues that have mopped up the flow of tears as I realised and released so much crap.
My journal has had a pretty good work out also.

We all have stories and those are part of what shapes us, however we don’t have to continue to carry the heaviness of them around.
Forgive your past, release it and declutter your energy to allow a beautiful flow of new invigorating joy and pleasure at who you are and who you are choosing to be.

I wonder what you will choose to declutter from your life!

As always , I welcome your connection and your comments.

Abundant Blessings,
Kym ❣♥


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