You Say You Want Success – But Are You Collapsing The Field?

Its all about alignment

In our 17 day Transformational Digital Program there is a topic covered called collapsing the Field.
Its a powerful concept and when understood we get to know how we so often get in our own way by letting our mind take over which can cause lack of action. It can stop us taking the steps we require to create the success we desire and say we want.

Let me put that in real terms – lets say I want to build a successful Healing or Coaching Business – my desire is to share my gifts and support others and create financial abundance.
Its fair to say that if I have not created that yet then I am not a vibrational match to that desire, yet. That means I will be required to shift my energy by changing my actions, my sequence of actions, my thinking, my commitment and my willingness to learn new ways which of course is going to be uncomfortable.

Now unless we are super determined and committed to our success we will collapse the field – block the divine guidance we are receiving by being more invested in where we are than where we want to be. WE may even blame others or something outside of ourselves as to why we haven’t progressed.

Sound familiar? I know I can totally relate to this – so what do we do to shift the energy and be open to new ways.

Firstly, we have to decide to succeed. Seriously so many miss this step.

We must have a clear goal or intention – not just I want to help others but I want to help 20 people to improve their financial abundance by offering my online program – this year. ( What, how and when).
Then we get to work on ourselves – commit to expand our own knowledge, thinking , mindset and ultimately vibration and keep committing to it – until.

There is a 80/20 rule that exists and seems to be true – 20% of the people will do what it takes to create the 80% of the wealth, health or what ever area you choose.

We get to decide, am I more invested in being right and staying where I am or am I truly willing to do what it takes to get the job done?

We have all been shaken up this year and as it comes to close to the year end, ask yourself – are you a better version of yourself than at the beginning of the year or not?

If you are ready to keep your filed open and would love some support book a Free Discover Session with me to discuss your options.

As always, Abundant Blessings,
Kym ❤


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