Intuitive Guidance

Shamanic Drum Journey

Drum journey’s have been a tool of indigenous tribe for centuries.

I personally have worked with my drum for over 15 years however I put down for quite some time and only after a new spiritual awaking did she called to me again.

I know that I do not heal others, I simply create a safe space for you to open up to your own healing.

Working with my drum as either a releasing tool or in the beautiful drum journey process which allows you to communicate with your inner or spirit self to collect information.

So often our mind or ego gets in the way of what we truly desire or need and the drum beat assists to quieten the mind and assess our heart, our soul, our truth.

Oracle Card Readings


Having had a connection with the Fairy realm since I was a small child I often will tap into their energy for guidance and support.

So often we have patterns or beliefs that are set up in our childhood that can hold us back as adults and connecting with the fairy’s is a gentle and kind way of acknowledging and releasing those. I also love to connect with Moon energies as it has a big influence on our emotions.  I do Free Moon Oracle Readings on Tuesdays and Thursday at 9am Sydney time on one of my Facebook Pages 

During a healing I will call on what ever tools I am guided to best support your session.

During a session I will have my drum and cards and other tools I feel to call on.

Session usually last for 60-90 minutes.

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