Lets Talk About Self Esteem – Shall We ?

Self Esteem – What actually is it and How abundant is your’s?

According to the Oxford dictionary self esteem is – confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.

Which picture do you resonate with right now?

Self esteem is a flowing , moving energy that has us feel like the first picture one day and then for some known or unknown reason we feel more like the shattered image of ourselves at other times.

Self esteem has been an interesting journey for me and I have come to the place that maybe the stronger our foundations were during childhood the stronger our overall self esteem is. It makes sense that when you have strong foundations you spend less time as an adult going back to sure up the wobbly bits.

I want to be clear here, having a wobbly self esteem  doesn’t give us permission to blame our parents. It could be an interaction with a teacher or a neighbour that was the thing that triggered us into feeling less than or dis empowered in some way.

The thing is we all have stuff, and we all have tricky days, however some of us seem to experience a few more self esteem challenges than others and that’s ok.  For me as a cute, round little person I was ridiculed about my shape right throughout my younger years which led to a mild eating disorder in my teens.

The larger of my challenges came as a boundary abuse by a neighbour that seems to come back time and time again for me to work through.

It doesn’t matter what the core reason for the trigger of  drop in self belief or confidence its what we do on the days that this shows itself.    https://www.kymmstewart.life/coachinginquiry/ 

Compassion, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness and regular conversations with the younger version of ourselves through meditation is the way of healing that I find works best for me.

Sitting with the energies that come up and being courageous to allow it to reveal the emotion and the story through jounaling or with someone you trust https://www.kymmstewart.life/coachinginquiry/ is bringing it into the light and from there we get to choose how we are going to honour it. The most empowering piece is that we listen deeply to that shattered/ hurt part of ourselves so that we can sooth and heal. Once acknowledged it can shift and release being transformed and remember that we heal in our-self we heal for all.

The next time you are feeling less than, what would it be like if you took some time to deeply listen to the younger version of you?

Abundant Blessings, Kym 🙏🏼❤


Be Mindful Of The Energy You Bring – Its an Act Of Self Care

Be Mindful of the energy you bring – it our responsibility.

This morning I was woken early – before the sun was up – I have come to know these early morning wakes are the spirit world connecting with me, to bring a message to share with you, the receiver.

The message was clear – Be Responsible for the energy you bring. The message is as much for me to be mindful of as for you.

Of course we all know the experience of  that person  that comes into a room and the energy instantly changes. It could be that suddenly the room is filled with love and calm or perhaps its that person that seems to be completely unaware of their surroundings and how their over stimulated energy has just shattered the peacefulness of the room.

However this message is more directed to each of us as a means of self care.

As an introvert and empath I recharge by being alone, by settling down my nervous system and coming back to myself and clearing my energies. ( Body Scan Meditation is my preferred method)

As we work as healers, counsellors, coaches, Light workers our own self care is vital to our well being.

I am learning to be more clear in my communication as to my needs – my need to have alone time of silence and quiet is not a rejection of anyone it is an act of self love.

Spending time in nature and in particular our Australian bush is a sacred honouring of my energies and as we know, we can not serve well when we are not energised and nourished ourselves.

The message received today feels as if this is being unlined for each of us so that we place a higher value of our own self care.

Please spend sometime to take ownership of your energies, noticing, without judgement if they are down and then asking ourselves what is required to nurture and nourish ourselves so that we are serving at our best again?

If, like me you still feel a pang of self indulgence around this directive, simply acknowledge it and reassure yourself this coming straight from source, we are being supported and guided to do our work in our world to support others with our unique and beautiful qualities and gifts.

So what are your re energising go too’s?

Deeply Moved – Thank You To Our Heroes

After enjoying a lovely Sunday lunch out yesterday,  we decided to to take the longer way home. We took the road that meandered through the villages of Buxton and Balmoral in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. not to take photos or to sticky beak but to try to have some understanding of what our community is experiencing.

I was deeply moved – as we drove kilometer after kilometer we saw the after math of the fire. We saw the homes that had been lost and we saw the homes still standing with evidence of how close the fire had come.

So many of the homes had big signs hanging from their fences saying ” Thank you”. I was moved, of course by the loss – I can only imagine how these people are feeling. What also moved me was how amazing these fire men and women are – how hard they are working and what an amazing job they are doing. The homes that were saved is nothing short of miraculous – with the obvious intensity of the fire what an incredible job they have done to save as many as they have. I am filled with admiration and humility for these incredible generous human beings who continue to give of themselves for the sake of others.

My thoughts firstly turn to – what more can I do on a daily basis in my life to contribute to our community – to assist others in ways I can and not just today but as an on going basis as a newly formed way of living – to be more generous and open hearted, more inclusive. To strengthen my ” be bothered” muscle and to reply ‘yes’ when someone asks.

My thoughts then drift to my sorrow and frustration as to why did we let this happen – why didn’t we listen to the wisdom of the people who have managed this land for thousands of years. Why did we let so many of our wild life perish because of our blatant miss management of the land we have the privilege to call home.

I know change/growth occurs through pain( kenso) or through insight ( satori), I can only hope that this pain will not be in vain.

Isn’t it time we sat together out of respect and worked together for the highest good of all?

Embracing Our Self Doubt – Part of Our Success Story

Embracing Our Self Doubt is part of our Success Story.

Self doubt can be insidious, that quiet ( not always) subtle voice that holds us back from taking the action that would lead  us to sharing our gifts with the world. Sometimes it comes in after we have taken the steps and undoes all the great work we have done by telling us we shouldn’t have. Sound familiar?

It’s ok, breath, relax we all experience it and today I am here to share a perspective that just might help.

By sitting with and listening too our self doubt we can actually move forward more easily. In our busy lives we are well practised at pushing aside our feelings and emotions to get to the end goal.  However if we simply sat and allowed our self doubt to show itself, for us to acknowledge that it exist, this will move the energy to flow through and not get stuck.

Our feelings and emotions are just like us, we all want to be heard and acknowledge and our e-motions ( energy in motion) are the same. By taking a few moments to sit and allow the self doubt to show itself to us it may just reveal some past energy ( experience) that had us buy into the story of not capable, deserving, good enough to do what we desire. We are humans, we learn through experience, we take the step and the next one is revealed.

When we allow ourselves to remember the universe really does have our back and is here to support us every step of the way we find the courage and conviction to take that step. We honour our self doubt as a reminder that we are human and we  smile and take the universe by the hand and get going on our success journey.

We are now more than ever being urged to share that gift, build that business, write that book, sing that song what ever it is for you. So I ask you, are you willing to honour that self doubt and move toward your success?

As always, I love hearing your success’s and breakthroughs, this is going to be a magical year.

Abundant Blessings, Kym


Our Higher Self is Our Eternal Being

Our Higher Self
We are eternal Beings

I have a mission to be the best version of myself, this is an ongoing mission which I put reasonable time into everyday.
I have worked with our Master of Destinies Program ( part of my direct sales business) for the past 8 years and one of the concepts in that program is Higher Self. It follows the principles of Be, Do, Have. Who are we being – its about expanding beyond where we have been before to create space for something new.

Having spent last weekend at one of our training conferences, Our Higher Self  concept was discussed by one of the presenters, Alison. I love and respect Alison dearly and have been reflecting on her share all week. It has assisted me to make sense and have a deeper level of insight around a recent health event in my life.

7 weeks ago I experienced spiritual awakening during a heart event. As I lay in the ambulance and the wonderful paramedics worked on my body I ( my higher self) was having an awakening. It was a beautiful and peaceful realisation and the words and knowingness I was experiences where ” there is only love”, love is the foundation of everything and we, as humans pinch ourselves off from that love with our minds, our fears and our limitations.

It is taking some time for me to fully integrate my experience however reflecting on our higher self concept and meditating on it I get that what I was experiencing in the back of the ambulance was my higher self, that part of me which is eternal, my soul.

Far out, I am not entirely sure what I am to do with this new found awareness other than to share it in the hope it may be of some greater assistance to you, the reader.

For me, its about living from and taking my clues from my higher self, my higher self is my councel, it is me forefilling my human experience for the greatest good.

What a honourable and humble role we each have to play,

What If We Saw Money as a Form of Love.

Success COnversations.
HIgh VIbrational Conversations

What if we saw money as a form of Love?
We get so hung up about our opinions about money, it’s good , it’s bad and there is so much emotion attached to money itself.
But what is we saw money as a form of love?
Think about it for a moment, what is money? Money is simply another form of energy, its a way to honour the service provided by another so it’s not too much of a stretch that money is a form of love.

What if rather than hoping or desiring more money we were open to giving and receiving more love?
Feeling into this really shifts the energy and attachment around money.

If you believe as I do that we live in an abundant universe and there is more than enough

My Book List – Books I love and Recommend

If you are looking to be succesful in any area of your life I believe we are required to expand our thinking and believing. Even if you are looking for more peace and freedom in yoru life we must expand beyond the limitations which currently exist.
Sounds like that is a never ending quest! I think or rather feel it is and that is why I choose to be a student of life.

Books are a brilliant way to offer us a new perspective, a new point of view and from time to time a new paradigm.

Here is a list of recommendations I have put together for my team in my Online Business broken down into categories. I also highly recommend grabbing yourself an audible subscription for listening to some of these books.

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Roert Kiyosaki
7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R Covey
5am Club – Robin Sharma
Screw it Lets Do It – Richard Branson
Go For No – Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

The Alchemist – Paulo Cohelo
The Untethered Soul – Michael A Singer
The Surrender Experiment – Michael A Singer

It’s The Things We Stop Doing That Can Have the Greatest Impact

The Things we stop doing can have the greatest Impact on our success.

Creating our version of a successful life has us traveling down the path of installing daily practises which are there to set us up for success.

Practises like meditation, journaling, reflection, time in nature, reading personal development and spiritual books, podcasts, Personal and professional programs and exercise. These are all necessary installments of habit which do create wonderful results. I am not suggesting ceasing those, keep doing them they are super effective.

Today I want to focus on the other super effective side and that is what we stop doing.

Stopping the negative self talk is at the top of that list.
We begin our daily meditation practise with one really important goal ( there are many other benefits too)to strengthen our witness muscle which then gives us the ability to know we are not our minds and once we realise this we then know we can direct our minds to either be quiet so we can enjoy more peace and to be then be able to connect into the field which is whispering to us all all the time however we are far too busy listening to the monkey chatter or self doubt, caution, herdedness, and many more versions of limiting our true selves to explore and expand.
By stopping giving our power to this constant and incessant voice we actually get to learn just how wise we are and what we really truly desire.

Win, Win, Win – Counting Your Wins

Celebrating Your Wins Is a Positive and High Vibrational Habit to get into.

In my online business, one of the daily activities we do is count our wins. For years I had a beautiful wins buddy, she was on the other side of the world, in Canada and each week day we would Skype each at least 5 wins we experienced during our day. I loved this time and it really was a very powerful habit.

As life does, things got in the way and I dropped that habit, I still sort of wrote down my wins but not with as much conviction.

So this morning in my meditation I was asking how can I serve today and the idea ( intuition/guidance) start an online wins group.

So I did. Side note – implementing our inspired guidance is key. I chose Facebook Messenger as the platform and we are all enjoying sharing our wins already.

If you would like to join us, reach out and let me know or maybe you would like to start a group of your own.

Together we really can spread the love and raise the vib and conscious of our world.

Abundant Blessings, Kym