Today is the First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

So here we are again, sitting at the computer and wondering what on earth am I going to write about. I have been receiving messages to write, sit down and write, so here we are.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life, we wake a new every morning ( a blessing not everyone enjoys), we press the reset button everyday and we have a choice – a choice if we are going to live today forward and be curious and see what we are co creating or if we are going to ground hog our life by bringing everything that has already occurred into right now, into today.

If we could just get this very simple yet deeply profound distinction that we get to choose our lives could be magical. Me included.
Imagine waking each day – fresh – seriously afresh – forgetting everything that happened yesterday, 10 days ago , 10 months ago, a year ago, heck 30 years ago and allowed our curiosity to awakened or rather reawakened, you know how children are, totally present and curious as to what is now and what is ahead of us. What would that be like?

Why don’t decided to conduct an experiment and give it a go for a week, a month, a year and be curious. Let go of all that has happened, forgive everything and everyone.
How radical hey, what do we have to loose – oh yeh – control.
It’s an illusion that we have any real control anyway – there is so much more going on than our minds are imagining so why not surrender and allow that magic to unfold.
Who’s In?

Pick Your Lane – Stick To It.

Pick Your Lane – Stick to it.
I am a big fan of social media. I hear lots of groans coming from some of the women I coach when it comes to talking about promoting their business and offering their unique gifts out into the world.
There are loads of legitimate reasons for those groans and we could certainly delve into those on an individual basis however, I lovingly suggests to ” get over it”.

We are blessed to live in a time of awesome technology and whilst I get that their are down sides, the point of my message today is Pick Your Lane and stick to it.

What I mean by that is get clear on what you stand for and make that your mission to be aligned in all of your social media posts, likes, comments etc. If it doesn’t align with your message, say nothing, step away and get on with your business.

First you must be clear on what you stand for. For me, I take my lead from Mother Teresa when she was asked to attend a rally against war, she said when you have a peace rally I will come.

I stand for positivity, I am a laws of the universe believer and I focus on what I want and pay attention to that which I wish to create or add energy too.

We all have a unique way of sharing our message into the world and we are powerful influencers, so why not ensure all of your messages, comments, likes etc are aligned with who you desire to be. Be mindful of what you are contributing too, there is no need to make others wrong simply know what you stand for, what you value and then be that consistently and allow others to get to see you more clearly.
It’s a discipline which serves our business and our lives well. Be the change you wish to see in our world.
To learn more about how to Share Your Unique Message into The World – visit: Share Your Unique Message

Gathering The Women

Gathering The Women.

Women have been gathering for as long as time has existed.

Women once gathered at the well to share news and supported needed for the community. Over time as life has become less connected to our earth and our souls the gatherings took on more of a unhelpful tone in the form of gossip and self chastising comparisons.

As the energies of consciousness are changing and more souls are awakening it has become important for women to gather again in a supportive and uplifting way.

We live in an abundance universe where we eat have the opportunity to offer our beautiful unique gifts and talents therefore no one can offer what you offer in the way you can offer it.

We live in the time of co-creation, collaboration and working together.

In my own Professional and personal life I see these opportunities to work in this way opening up more and more.

We all can do our own gatherings to support the women in our lives and our community by simply gathering together regularly.

I meet monthly and weekly and seasonally with different aspects of my own community to be connected and uplifted and uplifting.

Do you have regularly gatherings similar?

Get from Where You are to Where You Want to Be,

Spiritual Business and Life Coach

As a Spiritual Business and Life Coach I know there can be a gap between where you are in your life or business and where you want to be. Sometimes that gap can feel enormous and overwhelming.
In actual fact with a few well place steps creating a easy pathway you will soon be on the other side and creating the results you desire.
In these session we will look at where you are now and where you want to be, and together create a manageable plan to get you there and have you starting 2019 strongly.
Message me to discuss or book in your session on 0457613078.

Passion and Purpose

Passion and Purpose

I remember the moment I knew I would be an entrepreneur.

I was in my late teens, standing in the middle of Sydney’s Martin place surrounded by flower stalls when  I had the realisation (Epiphany)  that I lived in a fortunate time ( we have a long way to go with women’s rights however I personally am blessed to have empowerment available to me if I chose it, and I totally do) and place, opportunities are abundant.

I understood, in that moment that I could make a career and a life based on what I loved. All I had to do was figure out what I love doing and then figure out a way to to make a living doing it. This was a huge awareness as a 17 year old, so I took my new found knowingness and used as a guide to create my life.

My first venture was making carrot cakes and selling them to cafes to put myself through college. That business was resurrected in my late 20’s so I could be at home with children. I did that very successfully for 10 years until a bigger venture called me.

My whole life has successfully followed that one awareness.

Now I am coaching others how to create life on their terms based on that one simple concept. How very blessed I am. New website coming soon. If you are at a cross road or simply ready for the next phase, reach out to me, I would love to support you to create your life on your terms. 

How Much Personal Development Do You Do?

JIm Rohn quote


How much Personal Development do you do? I consider my own growth and expansion part of my Professional Development as a coach and online Business Mentor, its how I become a more effective leader. I love learning and to be a great Coach and mentor I work on my mindset on a daily basic.

For me the biggest months I have had in my business have come after an up scaling of my own personal growth and development. I understand that to have achieved the goals I set for myself, I first must become a match to those goals. If I hold a vision of what I desire then all the parts of me that are not that version of myself must be acknowledge and released along with any limitations, out mode beliefs or old versions of myself that not longer fit.

I discovered personal development in my mid 30’s and have been a diligent student for over 20 years, it’s a passion for me. I love exploring the possibilities of who I can be and the life I am capable of living. I have worked with a self study program for the past 8 years and I recommend a version of that program to my clients. I find it deeply rewarding working with someone who takes responsibility for their own personal growth.

I am interested to know How much Personal Development do you Do?

I Care

I care

I care that women have suffered and still do, I care that you are hurting, I care that you are powerful, I care that we hurt before we grow, I care that you feel shame, I care that you are fiercely passionate and that you want to heal our world, I care about the animals and I care about the trees, I care that about your struggle and I care that you want to be free, I care that you are connected and I care you are not, I care that you are beautiful and I care when you are not, I care that you are expended and I care when you are blocked, I care, I care, I care.💕

Begin Powerfully – Morning Routine’s Matter.

Morning Routines

I love the saying “how you do anything is how you do everything” , it appears to me to be a truth therefore how I set up my day has a big effect on how my day flows. I have found and am constantly tweaking my best morning routine. Below is what I find works best for me.

The way I figured this out was by trialling and adjusting and also listening to what other successful, on purpose people do. You can pick up a piece from different peoples routines to add to your own to make your best recipe. Robin Sharma the 5am club is a good one that I have borrowed much from.  With the intention of adding value, here is what my mornings look like.

Somewhere between 5 and 5.30 ( I wake naturally usually way before my alarm clock at 6am)

Morning coffee – organic, with a little honey made on Almond milk, I drink this either watching or waiting for the sun to rise and allow myself to come in gently. This is a precious part of my day and one I value greatly especially after all those years of busy mum mornings.

Next is 30 minutes of Personal Development – I work with our Master of Destinies Program, I have for the past 8 years, this also includes journaling, setting intentions and acknowledging any emotions that may be present, rather than suppress I allow space for them to surface and be heard.

Next is my Meditation practise – 20 minutes – I have 2 favourites – one is Joe Dispenser –     

or 20 minutes using a meditation app that gongs at 5 minute intervals – (I learned this from Jesse Elder). The first 5 minutes are to settle in, connect with my breath, second 5 minutes to feel all that I appreciate in my life, really feel it and expand this, next 5 minutes is to visualise my goals and the last 5 minutes is to listen, listen to my heart and listen for the guidance. I finish by sending love to all my loved ones and anyone I know of who is challenged currently.

After my meditation practise there may be some additional journaling depending on what came up during  my meditation.

Then its up and for breakfast and a walk with head phones on listening to a podcast,  an Abraham YouTube or currently to a recording of an  Alchemy call. Another Program I have been doing for a few years.

After that it is into my office and on with my day.

I find this keeps me going with high vib for most of the morning, however if I find  my energy slumps I either go for another walk  and or watch a 10-15 minute Abraham video or a podacst.

I choose my energy and how I want my day to unfold and part of being on purpose is how I set my day up. These are tools I have learned and that I teach/coach others.

I would love to hear any other tips you may have.





North Star – Words to Navigate our Life by.

North Star

North Star – Words to navigate our lives by, our own guiding light.

I first learned about this concept over 8 years ago when I partnered with our Personal Development online business. North star is one of the early concepts I learned and have implemented into my life.

Over the years I have been in and out of alignment with my North Star and I have come to realise it is a very powerful and useful tool. It is a filter that I can run all of my decisions through. Is this in alignment with my north star is a question I ask to gain insight of right choice or not. When things are not flowing as I may hope them to, my North Star is a point I check in with to ensure I am being true to my words and if not why not.

I recall grappling with trying get my north star “right”, listening to others helped me to get clues as to what resonated with me. I also over complicated it by trying to be too “fancy” and “meaningful”. The point is – it only has to be meaningful to you.

My original impulse was – Make a Difference and then I thought, that wasn’t enough, so I expanded to – make a difference by being the change. That also served me pretty well however I do feel life is an ongoing process of inquiry and alignment and prompted by a review exercise in our online program I spent some time feeling into what is true for me now.

I found the word – make in Make a Difference too forceful for me and then the word – allowing surfaced. I love the word, allowing – it has so much space around it and feels as if it is honour the co-creation with our universe. Again sitting with the feeling and bringing into my consciousness my recent new knowledge of there is only love, a new North Star appeared.  Allowing Love to Be my Guide is my new North Star and it resonates so deeply, it just feels right.

Being clear about our North Star, our guiding mantra is a powerful tool to have at our disposal and to call on it often, it is very powerful and essential to living an authentic life.

Sharing your North Star and hearing others can be useful to discovering your own guiding light.

Do you have a North Star? What are the words you live by?

Discovering Wisdom in Our Self Doubt.

Wisdom in Our Self Doubt.

Self Doubt is one of those annoying voices in our heads that can pop up and irritate us even when we are mostly aligned to our goals and we are achieving greatly in our lives.

So why do they pop up and what purpose can they serve?

Great question – contemplating this after a recent conversation with a women who is seriously empowered and hitting some significant goals in all areas of her life, I decided there had to be an awesome opportunity for these pesky little doubts.

Heres my therory;

What if, rather than pushing these doubts away and getting annoyed with ourselves for even allowing them, we actually stopped what we were doing and invited them in, (what we resists persists). What if we treated these doubts like a small child who just wanted to be heard and acknowledged. What if they had some valuable wisdom about an unacknowledged part of ourselves which just wants to be loved?

This is not a rational process, its a feeling process. Allowing ourselves to feel more deeply and authentically allows us to expand and align more fully into who we truly are, powerful spiritual beings having a human experience.

I use this process with other emotions that I deem unwanted, fears, self criticism, anger, as well as the empowering ones. By slowing down and allowing what is present has had a very satisfying effect on my life.

The words that I experienced in my Near Death Experience were ” There is Only Love”. These words were repeated over and over again and I now experience them not just as a concept but as a truth.

There is only love and we pinch ourselves off from all that we desire with our fears and our doubts. Stopping and listening to our doubts and fears allows us to expand. So rather than seeing them as annoying, what if we saw them as opportunity, as a great sign of our expansion and celebrated them.

What is we lived from that place? That is certainly my intention.