Stop Struggling and Start Allowing

Stop Struggling & Start Allowing

For too long we have been taught to hustle and whilst that may have worked last century or even last decade it is no longer a sustainable way to live.

We are learning more and more that we are human beings not human doings and that to co create in this magical universe of ours we must slow down, connect and listen. Listen to each other and listen to the wisdom that is available to each and everyone of us.

Once upon a time ( way before electricity) we would sit around the camp fire and hear the stories of the elders, we valued and listened to the wisdom they had to share.

We are so busy multi tasking and do do doing that we are intimidated by slowing down and simply being.

When was the last time you  sat around a camp fire, either actually or metaphorically? When you think about doing that now can you feel the instant peace and calm that comes over you even just thinking about it? Could you be so kind to yourself as to carve out some camp fire time soon and regularly?

With all the channeled guidance I am receiving lately ( this blog included)  it is all the same message – Slow Down, Sit down, be still and listen.

When we create the space to simple be and breath, amazing wisdom and insights come to us.  Their is so much healing and support available to us yet we move so fast we cant receive it.

This message is as much for me as it is for you, the reader. In the 80’s, 90, and 2000’s I created my abundance by “making it happen” I was a ‘ super mumma’, raising a family, running business’s caring for my parents blah blah blah. That is not how we are being guided to create now.

As we move to 2020 it is all about connection – to ourselves to each other to our earth and the greater consciousness. We really can have it all just not the way we used to it.

Are you prepared to stop struggling and start allowing?

Conduct your own knowingness – give it a go and see what shifts.

With love always, Kym ❤

Its All About Alignment –


Hi all, its been a while since I last posted here. Life gets in the way some times, I know you can all relate to that.

I feel this year has really offered me a deep dive into where I am at currently and where I want to be, in my career, my relationships, my health everything really.

What I have become more and more aware of is that alignment has become much more of a priority for me – alignment in my work, who I am being and a big focus on my health and well being. ( that happens as we age – right?).

Like most things I do – I like to do things somewhat differently and in particular I like to mix and match what works for me.

With health, this is a mixture of western medicine and natural healing and balancing modalities. I am not into over testing or over medicating, I prefer to look to  nature and my spirit guides  for my answers.

I was like that raising my 3 children and  I am the same with business – I have chosen a less trodden path of the Online Business World ( though that is becoming a more popular path) and I love who I get be in the process of sharing my Personal Development and Coaching skills in building and running my business.

The point is, we are all individual souls having a human experience and aligning with what resonates with us is a big piece to living a successful, peaceful harmonious life.

If you are not feeling satisfied or you are experiencing some unrest perhaps its time to check in with how aligned you are or rather how out of alignment you have become.

Some great journaling questions to ask your self are: ( feel free to do this for each area of your life – I would suggest one at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself)

  • what do I love about my health ( career, relationship etc)
  • what don’t I love about my health ( career, relationship, spiritual connection etc)
  • if there were no limitations what action would I be taking ( the tip here is listen – and take the action)
  • when do I feel most aligned and connected – the most joy and peace – 9Tip – Do more of this).

The first step in making any shifts in our lives is to first know what we like and what we don’t and that can lead us to look in different directions and to find the courage to back ourselves and know the universe is always there to support us. Seriously, in this time of abundance and consciousness we have so many choices and we have the freedom to live an aligned life we love.

You deserve to be  Happy, health, wealthy and fore filled – what steps could you take today to live a more aligned life – it could be to meditate and connect in with your guides to receive support in living your best life.

I look forward to hearing your comments and any suggestions you have on living an aligned purposeful life.

Till next time – Be you, your gorgeous vibrant self,

Kym ❤

Forgiveness is An Act of Self Care


Forgiveness is An Act Of Self Care

Why do we hold on to hurts and why is it s challenging for us to let go?
I believe our minds have a lot to answer for.
Its our minds job to keep us safe so if we feel wounded by an act by someone our minds tell to remember it so we can protect ourselves.
Its a system to keep us safe and I am grateful for it however it does require some discernment on our part.

If we are holding on to a past hurt we are choosing to have that in our energy system.

Having a regular practise of scanning and becoming aware of any past hurts we are holding on to is a beautiful act of self care.
Choosing to release is through forgiveness is enhancing our well being.

I love the ho’oponopono mantra –
* I’m sorry,
* please forgive me,
* thank you,
* I love you.
Repeating this over and over in a meditation allows the energy to move and be released.

Forgiveness is not about saying what was said or done was ok, it is simply deciding to no longer allow it to affect you.
It is a worthy practise to do as an act of self care.

What past wounds and hurts could you release through some gentle forgiveness?

Creating Ritual In Our Lives Deepens Our Appreciation.

Creating Ritual In our lives deepens our appreciation.

Creating ritual in our lives deepens our appreciation for all that we are and what we have.
As we receive more of what we focus on, we open ourselves to have more to appreciate.

Each Sunday we do a ritual to Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.
We share our gratitude and set an intention for the week ahead.
We surround our statue of Ganesha with flowers which sits at the front door of our home.
Each time we pass we are reminded to offer gratitude and our connection to our intention.

Regardless of the outcomes we become more deeply rooted in gratitude and appreciation by this simply yet powerful ritual.
By ritualising our lives we become more connected to who we are being and what we are creating in our lives.

What rituals do you honour?
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Today I am my Future Self – What will your life look like 1 year from today?

Today I am my Future Self – What will your life look like in 1 year from now?

It is a year ago today that I had a Near Death Experience which came as a result of a Heart Event.
As I look back with a heart filled with gratitude, I realise, today I am my future self.
I am fitter, I am happier, I am clearer, I am more committed to my dreams and goals and to my mission to make a difference.

I am living in a new gorgeous home with my partner, I have a lovely team of women I get to support in my career, wonderful, caring loving friends and a zest for life which has me feeling like a kid again.
All of these results came about from making a clear, authentic commitment to myself, to allow my event to be a positive turning point. That doesn’t mean it was easy, the mind can be our friend or foe so disciplining that takes practise.

So I ask you, what will your life like one year from now?

Will it be the same, just wishing for a better life or are you going to back yourself and start that business, get that gym or yoga membership, put yourself out there to love again. What ever it is for you, you deserve to live your best life. This is not a dress rehearsal and time waits for no man or women.

Who is with me? Say YES if you are ready to rock n roll and get on with it and then take that first step, the universe is waiting to support you.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you are saying YES to.